Hi! Here is chapter three. -In case you didn't catch earlier intros, this story takes place a few years in the future; that is how Team Rocket has had time to create three other Mewtwos and change their 'bad-boy' image...at least on the surface. Please read, enjoy.

Mewtwo, Escaped

Part Three

By Tiffany

Night passed slowly and painfully but was a bearable price to pay for the brilliance of dawn. A morning sun crept over the horizon, spilling its luminescent rays upon the sleeping landscape; its cup runt over with sunlight. The world shook off its bonds of darkness in a great cacophony of singing and baying. Even the clouds teased playfully with the sun.

Mewtwo had seen such a thing only once before- in a dreamlike vision that reached out in every direction before her 'birth.' It was different then, though. She had been a 'Mew', part of the warm sunrise itself; not a freakish Mewtwo planted firmly on the ground. No morning would pass that she did not think of it; no matter how sweet life would get, it could never match that secret moment of unconsciousness.

The human stirred in waking. She sighed at thoughts of an approaching future. Following him around was certainly not appealing, especially when freedom was just within reach,- but what other option was there? -Being caught by Team Rocket? -Never again seeing another sunrise? **Life is hopelessly flawed- but forever and improvement.** She would play along.

"Good morning," **Isn't that something that humans say to each other?** "It's lovely, isn't it! One can see for miles!"

Brian mumbled something in response, still amazed that he should exchange pleasantries with a Pokemon. -Even the most empathetic trainer glanced cautiously over his shoulder before speaking to one as if it were human. **But this Pokemon is different. She was meant to speak and be spoken to. It makes you think that you really *are* talking to a human, not just a Mewtwo...except of course for the 'voice inside your head' thing... -And she is still here, which must mean all that last night was real...** *He sighed at thoughts of an approaching future. Having her follow him around was certainly not appealing, especially when they both knew she could easily kill him, but what other option was there?** He nodded resolutely.

"If...if you still need to 'lay low', then my sister and brother-in-law have a motor home parked about two miles from here. ...That's where I'm going, ya know...." He hoped she wouldn't accept, but knew full well that he was anything but lucky.

"A motor home..." Mewtwo said slowly. She had never seen one or even heard the word before, but along with a telepathic 'voice', the Team Rocket scientists had equipped her brain with a vast vocabulary to use it with. -One of the only 'beneficial' alterations that had been made. Of course, they had their selfish reasons for that, too. If they hadn't 'programmed in' human language, communication would be too slow in coming for their tastes.

"...Ah, oh yes. Wonderful. I thought I was going to have to follow you on foot!" **Of course, now that I think about it, that may not have been so bad. -Not bad at all, if all the trails he takes look like *this one.* ** She stole one last longing glance at the steadily rising sun. **...But I suppose there will be a lifetime of sunrises after this one, now...**

Brian broke camp and began walking. Mewtwo followed somewhat bitterly, even though it had all been her idea. In her mind played images of loyal battlers, trudging along side their master into the gym...knowing they would be beaten. **It's a strange, sad relationship that develops between humans and Pokemon. I never understood any of it!** The allure of freedom would not allow her to be 'just some boy's battler.'

"There is one thing we must establish, first of all." She spoke sternly, and for a moment, Brian was frozen with fear. "I am *not* 'your Pokemon.' I will fight *when* I want to fight, *if* I want to fight. I will do as I please; you *will not* try to control me. From now on, I am my *own* master!"

Brian admitted to himself that it would have been nice to have the super- Pokemon on his belt instead of in his pocket. Commanding the great and powerful Mewtwo in battle was a secret fantasy of every trainer, but now that he was face-to-face with one, he didn't dare try. There would even be a time when the very idea would make him blush with shame. He nodded in agreement; something she had never truly expected. They continued on along a wayward trainers' path.

Reacting to some threatening sound human ears could not hear, Mewtwo shot into Brian's breast pocket. -Something that would become a habit for the fugitive Pokemon, ever-weary of capture; but one he could never get used to. Most Pokemon were kept in Pokeballs....besides, it didn't seem right carry something so human on his person. Somehow, though, she didn't seem to mind. After experiencing so much heartlessness in humanity, it was refreshing to hear a muffled heartbeat echo within those jacket folds. This, among many other things, Brian would never know about her.

In the distance loomed a decal- cluttered Swiftwind, like some strange hippie van. -Such was the symbol of the reality Mewtwo had randomly fallen into. Brian's peers and travelmates were teenagers playing house; too old for tents and sleeping bags, but far too young for the bonds of a mortgage and a picket fence. However, Brian began to shiver with the thought of their reaction to recent events. Mewtwo had won his sympathy with that chilling vision, but *they* were a different story all together. Oh, and the badge...he had nearly forgotten about the badge.

Presently, a sandal- clad teenage boy bounded out, with a girl of the same age behind. Mewtwo deduced that these were the sister and brother-in-law he had spoken of.

"Me brothero!"

"Crow!" The older boy moved to wrap him in a brotherly bear hug, but was thrust backward by an unseen force that did no wish to be crushed between the two. He was visibly shaken, but seemed to dismiss it as 'major static electricity.' Brian blushed, knowing otherwise.

"Hail the conquering hero!"

"So, Mr. future-Pokemon-Master, tell us about it! Was it *glorious*? Did your Pokes beat the crud out of his?! C'mon, c'mon show us the badge O' honor!"

They were brimming over with sympathetic pride, and for the first time since the whole ordeal began, Mewtwo was eaten up with guilt. **It couldn't be helped...but how sad that he should have to disappoint them! -And over such a silly little sport!**

"Umm, the Earth Badge...that...that's kind of a long story." He stuttered, he sweatdropped, he debated on whether he should just scoop the main part of the story out of his pocket and get it over with. **Geez, why do they have to be so darn happy?!**

"Oh, no...that don't sound good...." They lead the downtrodden Pokemon trainer inside; he peeled off his jacket and tossed it into the closet. In his defense, it was an action he had performed thousands of times, to the point that he didn't even think about it. -But its passenger did not see it that way; whatever guilt was quickly forgotten.

"Hmm, well, Giovanni was tough, as tough as they say...tougher than I expected."

** *Giovanni* is tough? *Giovanni* didn't do anything! Isn't that just like humans...!**

"Geez, Crystal, I didn't even have a chance. Do you know...do you have any *idea* what Pokemon he used?!" Neither of the couple were trainers, but it was common knowledge what Pokemon he often used. All one could do was hope that he left someone else in charge, when that day came around. His sister cupped her mouth in horror.

"The whole thing took like ten seconds. What the heck am I supposed to do? What the heck are *we* supposed to do?! I know you guys were planning on me going to the Pokemon League next week..."

"Oh, never mind that! Are you and your Pokemon ok?! Here, let Growlith out and I'll get you both something to eat. Did you leave any of the scrambled eggs this morning, Crow? You didn't eat that pizza, did you, Bri? ...I told you it was going bad!" Crow laughed, having seen him pack it.

**Laughter; that is a good sign,** surmised both human and Pokemon.

Crow recovered and mused weakly over the recent loss. No, he wasn't a trainer; in fact he knew little about Pokemon. Mature thinking in itself was foreign to the seventeen year old. He simply took the easygoing path of existence, as many people in the world do. -But whenever the outcome of one battle effects more than one life, there is always a backup plan.

Absently, he caught sight of another of the RV's inhabitants, who had yet to speak up. She was the only one Brian was not at all related to, but that mattered little. Within the trainer circuit is a code of honor; 'If a fellow trainer needs help, then by all means, help.' And she, having been starving and aimless at the time, needed help. ...If Mewtwo had been human, he never would have hesitated in taking her in, either.

Brian's jacket tumbled out of the particleboard closet, but they were all too involved to notice.

"Oh, I know! Anne! Anne don't have any badges, yet! Here's what we can do.- We can head on over to Pewter so she can get started, and in the meantime you can be building up your Pokes to some kick *&%$#* level that can beat any darn Mewtwo..."

**Mewtwo...what *did* happen to Mewtwo...?**

Crystal gasped and swore, thinking she had stubbed her toe on some object littering the narrow hallway. She bent to retrieve it and was thoroughly confused by what she found.

"Darnit, Brian! ...Oh, Brian, where did you get this weird little Mewtwo figurine, here? It was next to your jacket."

In an instant he remembered everything, and the domestic little scene within those walls collapsed. Mewtwo, having taken all the 'abuse' she could stand, bloomed to her original stature- with Crystal hanging onto her ankle. Pokemon hissed and growled in a meager attempt to defend their masters, who gasped in terror, themselves. Crystal fell backwards in shock, onto the hard forest floor. It was insane, but not an uncommon reaction.

"You tried to lock me in a closet?!" Mewtwo accused.

"Oh, God! I'm so sorry! I forgot!"

"How could you forget?! You were sitting there, talking about me the whole time!" **Can humans really be so stupid?!**

There was nothing he could say. **I was playing with fire to begin with, and now I've made *Mewtwo* of all Pokemon, mad! Now my *family* is going to suffer, too... Can I really be so stupid?!** Much time would pass before any of them would stop fearing for their lives.

His sister rubbed her head, fully believing it was the super-Pokemon who had tossed her out of motor home.

"I...I don't think that's a figurine, Bri! I...I think that's the *real thing*!" Mewtwo swished her catlike tail, as if defining for sure that she, was not made of plastic.

For a moment the RV was silent and the air tense with fear and shock. None of them, especially Mewtwo, knew what to do in such a situation. -She did nothing, but they could imagine much. Then, without the sudden din of excitement, came the sound of a portable television that had been left on through the morning.

A concerned-looking reporter stood before the Viridian City gym, looking just as it had the evening before. Mewtwo shivered at the sight, remembering the hundreds of Team Rocket teams gathering for patrol, and the distant helicopters already taking flight. One even mounted a Meowth- shaped air balloon -So many eyes...all looking for *her.*

" In 1999, an experimental prototype Mewtwo escaped from the building I stand before, now. As I'm sure you all remember, it left a trail of casualties that ran from distant Cinnabar Island to our own fair Viridian City. Several million Pokebucks in buildings and equipment were destroyed as well, from which we are just now recuperating.

It was a tragic scene that no one, especially local businessman Giovanni, wanted to relive. -But unfortunately, another of the 'super- Pokemon' has escaped. Police report that around 6:30, last night one of Giovanni's three remaining Mewtwos went missing. Surprisingly, damage was minimal, but it is suspected of killing a young Pokemon trainer, who was trying his luck in battle at the time...."

"What?!" The Mewtwo in question looked as if the wind had been knocked out of her, watching this scene. She sat down hard on the edge of the couch, suddenly feeling betrayed.

"...Pokemon trainer...do they mean *you,* Brian?!"

"...But...but...they think I *killed* you? ....I didn't!...I obviously didn't....I won't kill anyone, unless it be that Giovanni...I wish that other Mewtwo had just gotten it over with....No, I wouldn't do that, either...!" The super-Pokemon was nearly in tears, at being mistaken so often for someone who had made so many mistakes.

"Police warn citizens nationwide to be on guard."

Across the tiny screen flashed the trademark shadowy image of Giovanni. After much effort to cover up the criminal tendencies of Team Rocket, he had come to be viewed as nothing but a shrewd entrepreneur. Mewtwo knew better; she had overheard tales of helpless Pokemon being taken from their masters, had seen black-market clients pass in and out of the lab. It was the mob, only without drugs or killing.

"The power of this experimental species is unparalleled in the Pokemon kingdom. Mewtwos are extremely dangerous; it is of the utmost importance that this specimen be returned to my control. I will personally pay a reward of five-million Pokebucks to anyone who has information on its whereabouts."

She lowered her head, considering for a moment the idea of being 'returned to his control.' **Is that all people think I am? -A savage beast, to be kept in a cage? -An object to be possessed?!** Brian saw this and took heart, but none of the other inhabitants noticed. Crow's jaw dropped at Giovanni's words.

"*Five million Pokebucks?! *&%$*, that's one expensive Pokemon! -And we have it right here! -And it didn't kill us yet! Crystal, honey, can you imagine what we could do with *five million Pokebucks*?!"

"You're not going to turn me in for...for *money,* are you?!" Her eyes glowed that vicious purple, but they could not hide tears of utter desperation and sadness. Brian was furious on behalf of the creature he had been so afraid of, and looked as if he would punch the brother-in-law he loved so dearly.

"No, no, you're not going to turn her in! ...Crow, you are *not*! It ain't right! You *&%$* hypocrite! Don't you remember that we *all* have a reward out for us?!

...Anne...you ran away from Cinnabar Island, a couple months ago. - Didn't even get your trainer's license, just hoped a boat and left with that darn Meowth of yours! ... Remember that poster, Anne?! 'Missing Child?!" She nodded, sadly, wishing they would just leave her out of the discussion.

"Crow, Crystal! ...You both quit school and eloped! Mom and Dad had no idea where you went, but the next week you came back for me. ...What did they call it, Crow? ...Kidnapping? ...Plagiarism? Falsifying records?

Mewtwo's had a hard life, just like the rest of us. You should have seen the things she showed me! -Worse than being stuck in your parents' house!" He scanned the meager group, suddenly put in their place. -The easy-going path of existence is always traveled with a price...often measured in Pokebucks. He continued;

"None of us want to go back...*ever*...and none of us *will* go back!"

And thus, the freakish Mewtwo, escaped and with a hefty price on her head, would stay.

So what do you all think? It's not as gothic as the last chapter, but it was also a lot more fun to write; I didn't have to depress myself! (Although I think I watch too many Pauly Shore movies, lol.) Please, critique me. Give me feedback, even negative feedback. I want to gauge how I am doing with this!

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