Mewtwo, Escaped

Part One

(Lame title; I'm awful at coming up with that kind of stuff)

By Tiffany

Orange and pink glowed upon the horizon, casting eerie shadows across the eaves of the only building that existed to Brian, at that moment. He cowered below it, full aware of the rumors that it had inspired. Long and far had he traveled, hard had he fought, and now was the final trial. Nervously he glanced behind him for the moral support of his peers- or perhaps an out, but was unsatisfied. 'One must stand alone before Viridian City Gym and not back down, for it is the only thing that blocks the way to the Pokemon League.' He shivered - if only it were a normal gym!

"What is your business here?" A guard demanded, thrusting an ornate spear in his direction. His breath caught painfully in his throat when he tried to respond, so he peeled open his jacket. Seven pins lined the breast pocket; boulder, cascade, thunder, rainbow, marsh, soul and volcano-all except earth. The guard nodded him forward into a realm of gothic shadows.

A voice issued from above.

"So yet another *child* dares to challenge me?" At fifteen, Brian hardly considered himself a mere child, but dared not contradict the voice.


"So silent? Perhaps you are not as confident as the other losers to pass through here." Perhaps he was right. "We may as well get it over with. I assume you have heard the rumors about my...unusual Pokemon. " A nod. Everyone has heard. "Well, I assure you, the rumors are not unfounded. You may use as many Pokemon as you like...I will only need one."

Above, a suited figure clapped once, and below, a door opened. From it slowly stepped another figure, this one all too familiar.

"Oh, God!" He gasped. How many times had he seen that glistening armor on the ten-o'-clock news? How many trainers have imparted devastating tales of the super- Pokemon that stood before him? It had killed in rages that begun with scenes just like this, had threatened even to purge the earth of humanity. It was feared not as an unbeatable Pokemon, but as an unbeatable evil.

"You can't be serious!" The suited figure nodded stoically. Brian stared nervously at the purple eyes, glowing beneath the armor and wondered if it was wise. So much anger undoubtedly lay just behind them.

*No, no I can't do this! There's no way out at this point. I can't be afraid!* He closed his eyes and looked inward, summonsing into play the peace, the strength, the righteous courage that lay scattered within his soul. For a moment, purple eyes lost their intensity- and gazed on curiously.

A single Pokeball rolled from his hand... a Growlith, his strongest but still a grossly uneven match.

"Is that the best you can do, boy?! Mewtwo...attack."

There was a hesitation that did not go unnoticed before Brian's faithful battler was hurled into a wall by an unseen force. The suited figure chuckled to himself, but Mewtwo made no sound.

A distant sound of explosion echoed, and frantic footfalls approached.

"Boss, you are needed immediately!" The figure gritted his teeth audibly and swore. Small disasters were commonplace nowadays, it seemed.

"Mewtwo...take care of them."

The moment he had disappeared, the evil glow faded into almost human eyes-Brian gasped at the transformation.

"You have to help me get out of here!" A voice echoed inside his head, but it was not the thunderous sound of doom he had imagined. In fact it was almost...feminine.

"What?! They said Mewtwo is a...but why do you need *me*?!" It raised a genetically altered paw, meaning that it would explain later.

"Will you co-operate or do I have to take over your mind?!" He stuttered in response.

Mewtwo glanced quickly at footfalls above, then yanked open his jacket with its mind. In an instant, glistening armour clashed to the floor and the super-Pokemon, minimized, shot into the trainer's breast pocket. Brian ran, forgetting completely the promise of that all-important earth badge.

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