Sinistero Hearts

By Deerdevil


  1. Dr. StrangeFate, Mxy, White Witch, Jade Nova, Skulk, Amazon, Baron Wotan, and Brother Brood are part of the Amalgam line-up, and are therefore copyrighted by DC and Marvel Comics.  I am not making a profit from this.

  2. The Emerald Cyclops, Fastball, and Glacier were introduce in All Access #4, and are also the property of DC and Marvel Comics.

  3. The Star Demon Queen, Dormammu-Ra, Laserwing, Marvel Bat, and Quickflash are my own characters.

  4. Mr. Sinistero was created by me and everyone else on the internet who thought of it.

  5. Hawk, Dove, the Enchantress, and Hourman are part of the DC line-up.

  6. The Vanisher is part of the Marvel line-up

  7. Note:  this picks right up where Something Sinistero left off. (See Showcase-X Graphic Novel #4).

     Carol Pryor turned away with a blank look on her face.  As though she was in a trance, she walked into the dark hallway.  Hal Summers, worried about her, followed.

     "Carol, what's wrong?" he called to her.  "Carol, is something bothering you?"  He enter the dark hallway.  "Darling, would you like to talk about it?"

     Suddenly,  there was a blinding flash of light!  Then a yellow energy blast nailed Hal in the chest sending him to his knees, knocking the breath out of him.  Carol walked back into the living room, but in a way it wasn't Carol.  Her red hair was now grew till reached below her shoulders; she wore a crown with a large, blood red gem in it.  The yellow star neckless she wore, was now serving as a cape clasp for her long, flowing, dark blue cape.  She wore elbow length gloves and knee high, high heel boots.  Attached to her red belt was a large, double-edge sword.  Her hands crackled with yellow energy.  Her face was twisted and evil; and, her eyes--well, her eye balls were now yellow, and the rest was glowing red!

     Before Hal could do anything, she fired another yellow engery blast at him.  It hit him in the chest and sent him flying across the room into a bookcase--knocking him unconscious!

     She spoke, but not with Carol's voice.  This one was deeper, evil, and echoed.

     "The time for talking, Lover, is over!  So says, the STAR DEMON QUEEN!!"

     Outside, a sinister laugh fill the night.

     Inside, a low groan came from Hal as the Star Demon Queen pass through the walls.  She stood before Hal Summers' (aka the Emerald Cyclops) worst enemy...Mr. Sinistero.

     "Well done," he said with an evil chuckle.  "You have surpassed my expectations."

     With lightning fast reflexes, the Star Demon Queen grasped her sword and brought the point Sinistero's neck.

    "I have done as you have asked," she said.  "Hal Summers now lies on the floor of his home quaking in agonizing pain!  Now, prepare to meet whatever god you serve...in Hell!"

     Sinistero grabbed hold of her sword and send a bio-energy charge through the blade and into the Star Demon Queen, knocking her to the ground.  She rose to her knees and started to shake the cob webs from her head.

     Mr. Sinistero said,"Give it a rest, Queeney!  You're not up to full strength and power yet, and until then you must serve whoever freed you from imprisonment.  Or have you forgotten?!"

     "I forget nothing!" she answered slowly standing up.  "But be warn, Sinistero....the day will come when you will beg me for mercy!!"

     "Promises...promises.  Anyway, when Hal regains consciousness, he'll undoubtedly contact the X-League for help.  Then I can be rid of them in one swoop!" said Mr. Sinistero.

     "Remember your end of our agreement!" the Star Demon Queen warned.

     "Don't worry," replied Sinistero,"as promised when I finished with Hal, he's all yours!"

     She smiled an evil grin as her red eyes glowed brighter, and her hands crackled with yellow energy.


     Hal slowly rose to his knees and used the coffee table for support.  He stood shaken on his feet and wobbled.  He donned his ring and transformed into the Emerald Cyclops.

     He said,"I don't know how, but I'm almost sure Sinistero is behind this!"  He concentrated.

     Dr. StrangeFate, can you hear my thoughts?

     <<Yes, Cyclops,>> StrangeFate answered telepathically,<<I hear you.  And I can "see" in your mind the situation.  Stand by for teleportation.  I will contact the others.>>

      Seconds later, the Emerald Cyclops vanished in a flash of blue light.


     Charles Xavier, better known to the world as Dr. StrangeFate, stood in the archives room of his mystic tower (actually it's the top of Arkham Tower--home of all the nut cases in New Gotham City).  There were ten statues before him.  They represented his agents--the agents who were lost in the battle against Dormammu-Ra, Baron Wotan, and Brother Brood.

     Laserwing and Marvel Bat--the two teen metamutants he rescued from that strange time vortex.  They were both brutally slain by Dormammu-Ra.

     Quickflash--one of the fastest men in the world.  Even he wasn't fast enough to avoid the time/age spell released by Baron Wotan.  He aged rapily and disintegrated, leaving behind an empty costume.

     The Enchantress--a superheroine-turn-villainess.  She became an agent after Dr. StrangeFate restored her sanity.  She was murdered by the Ever-Dreaded One.

     Hawk, Dove, and Hourman--two young brothers and one business man.  The first two received their powers (in their own words) "from a disembodied voice."  The other had to take a pill for his powers, but when he became addict, he went to Xavier for help.  StrangeFate freed him of his addition, and he became an agent.  His new power source was the very hourglass he wore as a cape clasp.  These three agents were transformed into alien insects (called Brood) by the man who controls them--Brother Brood.

     Then there were his three best agents--White Witch, Jade Nova, and Skulk.  White Witch simply vanished in the heat of battle.  Jade Nova foolish thought she could take on Dormammu- Ra on her own.  Although her emerald flaming form absorbed some of the blast, she ended up in a coma.  The Skulk attacked Baron Wotan, but the Ever-Dreaded One changed him into a mindless beast and set him loose on New Gotham City.  His rampage was brought to a halt by Dr. StrangeFate.

     The Skulk was now in the crossroads dimension;  Jade Nova was still in a coma at Mercy Hospital; and, the White Witch--Wannda Zatara--was still missing-in-action.  His other agents were either dead or far better off dead.  He knew where Skulk and Jade Nova were, but the fate of the White Witch remained a mystery to him.  What happen to her? Was she still alive?  He would find her, or at lease find out what happen to her.  After all the years she had faithfully served him as an agent--he owed her that much.

    That's what he was doing when Emerald Cyclops contacted him.  He left the archives room.  Before him stood the X-League--Emerald Cyclops, Amazon, Fastball, and Glacier.

     "How ya all doing?" asked Fastball of his teammates.  "The last time we were together we fought tat guy who called himself, the Vanisher.**"  [**Remind us to tell you about some day--Deerdevil**]  He looked his icy friend.  "Wat's wrong, Arthur?  Usually ya have some remark."

     "I'm not in the mood, Sam...okay?!" he answered.

     Dr. StrangeFate said,"You must forgive Glacier for his cold shoulder (no pun intended).  Since our battle with the Vanisher last month, his father and grandfather have died, and he has become the new king of Atlantis.  He has much to bare on his shoulders.  But we must get to the situation at hand.  I will let Cyclops fill you in."  With that, Xavier waved his hands and an image of the Star Demon Queen appeared.

     "This is Carol Pryor--my boss and my girl friend," said Cyclops,"Tonight we were planning to have dinner together, but she suddenly transformed into a being calling herself, the Star Demon Queen!  Before I could do anything, she blasted me with some kind of yellow energy!"

     "Man, Hal," Glacier interrupted,"you sure know how to pick 'em!"

     "Now tat's the Glacier we know and love (or at least tolerate)," said Fastball with a smile.

     Hal Summers ignored the interruption and continued,"Before I lost consciousness, I heard laughter outside.  I recognized it.  I'd know that laugh anywhere.  It belonged to my long time nemesis, Mr. Sinistero!  I don't how, but I know that he's responsible for this!"

     "I will be joining you on this mission, my X-League," said Dr. StrangeFate.  "The Star Demon Queen is a very powerful entity.  Her powers comes from this....the Star Amulet."  The image of the Star Demon Queen changed into a star-shaped necklace.

     "Hey," said Hal,"that's the necklace Carol was wearing when she came to my place!"

     Dr. StrangeFate continued,"Its origin is a mystery--even to me.  Legend has it that it served as a prison for the Star Demon Queen, and that she would have to serve whoever freed her until she reached full power.  Now, I know where the villains are located.  We must stop them!"

     "You said,'Until she reaches full power.'," said Amazon.  "What does that mean?"

     "Well," answered Xavier,"there's more to it than that.  She has to gain total control and become the dominate personality of the host body she inhabits.  Then, and only then will she reach full power."

     "Wat happens then?" asked Fastball.

     "She kills her master," answered StrangeFate.

     Now there's a nice arrangement, thought Glacier.  You free her, she serves you, and then she kills you!

     "We must go," said Xavier,"before the worst happens.  Mr. Sinistero and the Star Demon Queen are at Pryor Aircraft Company."

     "Why there?" asked Glacier.

     "Because it one of main places Sinistero and I end up fighting," answered Cyclops.  "Don't ask why, but it's one of his favorite battle grounds!"

     "Remember, X-League: the Star Demon Queen is a very powerful foe--even more powerful than Madame Polaris," said Dr. StrangeFate.  "Be on your guard!"

     "Shall I teleport you there, Master?" asked Mxy.

     "No, Mxy.  I shall provide transportation this time."  Dr. StrangeFate stood close to the X-League.  He held the Staff of Fate in his left hand.  "I call upon the all-seeing Eye of Agamotto and the Hosts of Hoggoth to open the portal that shall take us to the field of battle!"  At that his cape clasp open and a mystic beam shot forth from eye within the amulet.  A strange hole open in time and space; on the other side was the landing strip of Pryor Aircraft Company.

     The X-League stepped through the portal, ready for what might be their greatest battle yet.


     "Ah," said Sinistero with an evil grin,"the X-League have arrive."

     The portal closed and vanished quickly as it first appeared.  Dr. StrangeFate, Emerald Cyclops, and Amazon took to the air.

     "Glacier...Fastball...you two take Mr. Sinistero," ordered Dr. StrangeFate.  "Emerald Cyclops...Wonder Woman...you're with me.  By the Host of Hoggoth, we will defeat the Star Demon Queen!  X-LEAGUE....ATTACK!!"

     "Watch out for his bio-blast and yellow power ring," Cyclops warned Glacier and Fastball.

     "Hey...no problemo, Cyke!" replied the icy aquaman.

     "So," said the Star Demon Queen to Cyclops,"this is the great X-League, my Love?!!"

     "Remember," said Cyclops,"she maybe evil, but Carol still in there somewhere."  Hal fired his optic blast past her shoulder as a warning shot.  "Give her back!"

     "Optic blasts against me, my darling Hal Summers?  I can do that too!"  Her eyes glowed a brighter red as they fired an energy beam at him.  Fortunately, the green aura around Hal also served as a force shield.

     "Power of lightning...eluminate the night!" said Wonder Woman as lightning bolt shot forth from her hands at the Star Demon Queen.  But she blocked it with her sword.  The blade glowed with electrical energy.

     "I believe that this belongs to you, Amazon!"  With that, the Star demon Queen flung the energy back at Wonder Woman.  Although she was prepare to deflect it, the evil one had increased the power level.  The impact of the blast knocked Amazon for a loop, and she fell to the ground.

     "Wonder Woman!" said Cyclops as he spotted his teammate falling.  Using his power ring, Emerald Cyclops created a giant, green baseball glove to catch her.  "Are you all right?" he asked her as he help her to her feet.

     "I'm....okay...Hal," she said breathing hard.  "She....just knocked...the....wind...out....of me."

     "How touching, Lover!" said the Star Demon Queen with sarcasism.  "Concern for one's teammate--the sign of a good leader!"  She fired yellow energy blasts at them.

     Did I detect jealousy in her voice? thought Wonder Woman.  I wonder.

     "By the Host of Hoggoth," declared Dr. StrangeFate,"we will stop you, evil one!"  He fired mystic blasts from his hands at her.  But the Star Demon Queen merely may herself intangible, and the beams pass through her harmlessly.

     "Your magic tricks are no mach for my power!" she said has she fired an energy blast from her right hand.

     "Mighty Shield of Orogasttor, protect me!" Xavier said as a mystic bubble formed round him  from the Staff of Fate and absorb the blast.  "I call upon the Red Bands of Sidderack to bind the evil one!"  Suddenly large, red bands appeared and wrapped around the Star Demon Queen. But she used her own energy powers to increase her super-strength, and broke free.

     By the Vapors of Voltorr, thought StrangeFate, this is not possible!  The Bands of Sidderack should have hold her!

     "Lord Sorcerer Supreme of Order....HA!" she said as she blasted him with her own mystic powers.

     Meanwhile, Glacier and Fastball launched their attack against Sinistero.

     "You go high," said Glacier,"and I'll go low."

     "Right.  Can ya make me a little ramp to get me airborne?" said the Cannonflashing Hero.

     Using his ice powers, Glacier created a crystal, clear ice ramp.  Fastball ran towards it.  Although Sinistero's bio-blasts shattered the ramp, the Fastest Man Alive was already airborne.  His rocket powers kicked in and he disappeared into the night sky.

     "Time to put you on ice!" exclaimed Glacier as he fired his ice beam at the dark metamutant. But Sinistero used his power ring to block it.

     "I have just the thing for you, Glacier," said Sinistero as his power ring formed a yellow cage around him.  Glacier's icy form began to slowly melt.  "That cage is hot enough to not only to melt your icy form, but evaporate the moisture from your body as well!  You'll be like a fish out of water.  Too bad your teammate abandon you!"  Sinistero laughed.

     "Don't....bet....on it!" said Glacier as a rocket sound entered his ear.

     Fastball rammed into Sinistero and said,"Ah didn't abandon him.  Ah just buildin' up enough speed to do this!"  The force of the impact broke Sinistero's concentration, and freed Glacier from the yellow cage.  Fastball pushed the dark metamutant into some nearby, wooden crates.


     The Star Demon Queen grabbed StrangeFate by his shirt.  "The 'great' Dr. StrangeFate!  How I hungered for the chance to thrash you!"  Unexpectedly, she released him, threw her head, and screamed.

     "Dr. StrangeFate," said Hal,"what did you do to her?"

     "I gave her the telepathic version of an uppercut," answered Xavier.

     "Star Demon Queen," said Sinister, pulling himself from the crates,"use your death-bolt!"

     A large, yellow energy bolt appeared in her left hand. She said,"Good-bye, X-League... farewell, my love!"

     Suddenly, the bolt vanished.  The Star Demon Queen grabbed her head, and started to shake and quiver like she was having a seizer.

     "NO!" she screamed.  "Not now....not when I'm...so close!  NO!  NOOOOOooooooo!!!"

     There was a flash of blinding light.  The Star Demon Queen was now wearing an evening dress.  She was Carol Pryor once more.  Fastball ran and caught her just as she started to fall.

     The Emerald Cyclops stood before Mr. Sinistero.  Right now he's seriously ticked off!

     "Another time, Hal Summers," said Sinistero.

     "I've had it with you, Sinistero!" shot Cyclops.  "I'm sick and tired of you messing with my life!  Just keep away from my friends!  AND EAT THIS!!!"  With that, Hal removed his visor and open his eyes.

     Sinistero screamed as the full power of Hal's optic blasts enveloped him and blew him to pieces.  The pieces slowly changed to liquid and started to move towards one another.

     "It....doesn't...matter...." said a voice from the pieces.  "In....a....few.....minutes....I shall..... reassemble!"

     "I think not, Sinistero!" said Wonder Woman floating above the pieces.  She raise her hands in the air and said,"Winds of a tornado...heed my call....and scatter this demon a far!"  The winds obeyed and scattered the pieces of Sinistero far away from Pryor Aircraft Company.

     "Well done, Wonder Woman," said Dr. StrangeFate.  "It will be weeks before Sinistero can pulls himself together."

     Cyclops took Carol in his arms and said,"Carol...are you okay?"

     Carol Pryor slowly open her eyes and looked up at Hal.  She smiled and said,"Hi."

     The Emerald Cyclops smiled back and said,"Hi yourself."  They kissed.

     When Carol broke contact, she looked around confused.  "What the--?" she said.  "Pryor Aircraft Company?  How the heck did I get here!!?"

     "What's the last thing you remember?" asked Amazon.

     "Well, I was just about to get into my car, when Sinistero approached me.  He fired his ring at me....the next thing I know I'm here."

     She doesn't remember being the Star Demon Queen, thought Hal.  I wonder if I should tell her?

     "Oh, Hal," said Carol,"before I forget thanks for the--hey!  My necklace...it's gone!"

     "Uh, it must've been destroyed in battle," said Hal quickly.  I hope! "I'll buy you a new one."

     "Thanks, Hal.  You're sweet," said Carol with a smile.

     "Oh, Carol...this is the X-League," said Cyclops.  "This is Wonder Woman, Glacier, Fastball, and our leader, Dr. StrangeFate.  Everyone this is Carol Pryor."

     After greetings were exchanged, Xavier said,"You have done well, X-League.  But time grows short.  Soon one of the great evils I warn you about shall arrive.  We must prepare.  Let us return to New Gotham and do so."

     "If it's all the same to you, Doc," said Carol,"I'd like to barrow your field commander.  We were on a date when this mess started....and I'd like to complete it."

     Dr. StrangeFate nodded once and said,"Very well, but remember, Hal:  we have training exercises tomorrow mourning."

     "Yes, sir," said Hal.  Oh man!  And tomorrow was my day off from work!


     Meanwhile in the Dark Dimension, the shadow of a cloaked figure stood before a viewing screen.

     Enjoy your victory, X-League! he thought.  For soon you will fall before my dark power, and the Earth shall be mine!

     He raised his mummified hands high and said,"Ancient spirits of evil...transformed this mummified form...to Dormammu-Ra--the EVER-DREADED ONE!!"

     The wrapping and cloak flew off and in their stead was an armored figure with a head of fire! His diabolical laughter echoed throughout the Dark Dimension.

     "Yes, X-League....you and your leader, Dr. StrangeFate will fall before the dark power of Dormammu-Ra!!"


Next:  We being...Dark Days.  Be here!

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Carol Pryor [Madelyne Pryor+Carol Ferris]--owner and manager of Pryor Aircraft Company. She had a crush on the Emerald Cyclops in high school, and fell-in-love with him on the day they met.  Later learmed that Hal Summers is the Emerald Cyclops.  She was transformed into the Star Demon Queen by Mr. Sinistero.

Mr. Sinistero [Sinestro+Mr. Sinister]--an alien metamutant who welds a yellow power ring. Can also fire bio-blasts from his hands.  Has a super-regenerative healing factor.  The only thing that seems to do serious damage is Hal's optic blasts.  He's obsessed with Hal Summers for some strange reason.  He transformed Carol Pryor into the Star Demon Queen using his ring, and the Star Amulet.  (Note:  this one was created by me and everyone else on the internet that thought of this character.)

The Star Demon Queen [Demon Queen+Star Sapphire]--the villainess identity of Carol Pryor. Her powers seem to include energy blasts and shape-shifting.  Has battle the Emerald Cyclops and the X-League many times.  When she changes back, she has no memory of what she did as the Star Demon Queen.  Each time she transformed,  it gotten harder and harder to change back to Carol Pryor.  The source of her powers comes from the anicent Star Amulet--its origin remains a mystery.