X-League 1


By Deerdevil


  1. The X-League (Emerald Cyclops, Fastball, and Glacier) first appeared in All Access #4, as well as Batgirl, and is therefore copyrighted by DC and Marvel Comics.  I am not making a profit from this.  Just doing it for the fun of it.

  2. Dr. StrangeFate, Amazon, Skulk, Jade Nova, the JLA, White Witch, Baron Wotan, and Brother Brood are also copyrighted by DC and Marvel Comics.

  3. Dormammu-Ra, Forcewing, Red Daredevil, Atom-Ant, and Madame Polaris are my own characters.

  4. Iron Bat was created by Nilescable.

  5. Historical Note:  This story takes place two weeks before the events in Something Sinistero (see Showcase-X Graphic Novel #4).

(1)--New Beginning.

     It's my fault, he thought as he sat down, it's all my fault.  He sat in the floating Egyptian chair and began meditating on what went wrong.  Then the answers came to him.  Charles Francis Xavier, better known to the world as Dr. StrangeFate, sat up quickly on his throne like lightning had struck him when those answers came to him.  

     It's my fault because I didn't get involve sooner, he thought. It's my fault because I let my arrogance blind me.  I underestimated the evil ones.  All those deaths are my fault!  I have been blinded in other ways as well.  I have suspected for some time.  Nabu the Ancient One, my teacher, once told me that there must be more to Dr. StrangeFate than just power.  There must be dedication, courage, compassion, and a willingness to risk all for what is truely right.  

     The JLA, my agents, even my servant Mxy, have warn me that one day my manipu- lating ways would one day breed trouble for us all.  I thought that I've always acted for the greater good.  Now, I see that my methods were no better than those of my enemies.  I let my ego cloud my judgment, and now I have suffered my worst defeat since my encounter with the being known as Access.

     If I am to rightly protect this world, I must make some changes.  I must prepare myself and others for the up coming battle.

     He remember the battle like it was yesterday (actually it was last week).  Baron Wotan, Brother Brood and Dormammu-Ra had combine their forces to take over the world.  Dr. StrangeFate sent his top agent (Skulk, Jade Nova, and White Witch) along with the other agents to stop them.  All seem to go well, until the Ever Dreaded One himself, Dormanmmu-Ra arrived on the battle field.  Those agents who didn't die at Dormanmmu-Ra's and/or Baron Wotan's hands, were transformed into Brood by Brother Brood to be added to his alien insect army.

     Only Skulk, Jade Nova, and the White Witch remand.  Jade Nova foolish thought that she could take on Dormanmmu-Ra.  The magical blast from the Ever Dreaded One comatose her. In the heat of the battle, the White Witch just simply vanished.  When the Skulk attacked Baron Wotan,  Dormanmmu-Ra attacked his mind and turned him into a complete mindless beast.

     When Dr. StrangeFate finally arrived on the scene,  his metamutant telepathic ability revealed to him the shocking truth.  There was no plan to take over the world, just lie to get all of Dr. StrangeFate's agents out in the open.  So they could destroyed them, paving the way for a future conquest.  A time that would come at Dormanmmu-Ra's choosing.  The Ever Dreaded One laughed at the fact that even the great Dr. StrangeFate could be deceived.

     To add insult to injury,  Dormanmmu-Ra teleported the now brainless Skulk to New Gotham City, and let rage a murderous rampage through the streets.  StrangeFate left the Dark Dimension to stop him.  All the while,  Dormanmmu-Ra evil laughter echoed in his mind.

     He sits in his chair remembering that day.


     The people fled in terror as the Skulk thumped down the street, smashing everything that got in his way.  He roared but never spoke.  When he first appeared, he killed four people--crushed their heads as thought they were rotten fruit.  A police car came towards him; he grabbed by the front bumper, and hurled it at a apartment building.  That was eight minutes ago, and in that time he had kill ten people.

     The JLA (or at least some of them) arrived on the scene.  Led by Super-Soldier, they prepared to engage their former comrade-in-arms.  This group consisted of :  Captain Marvel, AngelHawk, Iron Bat, Red Daredevil, Forcewing, and Atom-Ant.

     "Captain Marvel," said Super-Soldier as they exit the Quinjet,"see if you and AngelHawk can help those people that are trap under those buildings.  Atom-Ant, you rescue that police officer. Forcewing, you and Red Daredevil try to take the Skulk from behind; while Iron Bat and I hit him hard in a full frontal assault."

     The team took their positions.  Captain Marvel held up the wreckage while AngelHawk pulled the people out.  Atom-Ant got off the flying ant he was riding on, return to his normal size, and pulled the cop out of his burning car.  Forcewing flew in and fire a force shield blast at the Skulk's back and Red Daredevil drop on the monster's shoulders.  Iron Bat fired his repulsor blast at near full power at the Skulk's chest;  Super-Soldier threw his shield.  The combine effort caused the Skulk to land unsermoniously on his butt.  Red Daredevil ran up to him, hopping to ko'ed him on the head, but the Skulk grabbed his fist and threw him at the Man of War.  

     Iron Bat helped his friends up and whispered to Red Daredevil,"Tim, are you alright?"

     Tim Drake blinked under his mask and said,"I'll be fine as soon as that stupid ringing stops!"

     Forcewing stood before the Skulk and fired a bat-a-rang at him from his gaulet.  But the white monster grabbed it, crushed it, and uppercut the hero, sending him flying without his jet boots. When Forcewing crashed into a news stand, Iron Bat rushed over to help him.

     "Dick," he said as he help Forcewing to his feet,"can you hear me?"

     Dick Hogan shook the cob webs from his head and answered,"I'm okay, Tony.  I had my force shield up before that ugly behemoth hit me."

     The battle raged on, but the Skulk continued his rampage.  Above all, the JLA knew that somewhere within the raging monster was Dr. Bruce Banner.  They knew whatever they did to the Skulk, they did it to Banner.  That is why they hesitate.  He is now buried more deeply than ever before.  Perhaps gone for good.  Will the JLA be forced to kill the monster to save New Gotham City?

     "I hate to suggest it, Super-Soldier," said AngelHawk,"but what if it comes down to we'll have to kill him to save the city and Banner?"

     "I hope it doesn't come to that," the Man of War said.  "But we may have to consider that possibility if we can't stop him any other way."

     "STOP!!" a voice echoed.  The JLA turned and saw Dr. StrangeFate  floating down to the ground.  "Hold, JLA--the Skulk is not responsible for his actions!  Dormanmmu-Ra has made him this mindless beast!"  Dr.  StrangeFate stood before the Skulk.  "I will send the monster to a crossroads dimension wherein he will neither do harm, nor be harmed.  There is no other way-- other than ending his life!"

     With that,  Dr. StrangeFate opened the doorway to the crossroads dimension.  In senseless rage, the Skulk leaps for Dr. StrangeFate, and instead finds himself entering the dimensional rift the metamutant magician has conjured!  The Skulk's roar echoed as he exited this world for the strange new one that awaited him.  Firing a mystic blast from the Staff of Fate,  Dr. StrangeFate sealed the doorway, trapping the Skulk on the other side.

     Dr. StrangeFate turn to leave, but Super-Soldier stopped him.  "Wait," he said.

     "What do you want, Super-Soldier?" asked the metamutant telepath as if he didn't know.

     "Years ago when you left the JLA, you said that you had more important things to do.  That you were going to leave the affairs of this world to 'lesser mortals'.**  Why the sudden change of interest?"  [**Waaaaaaay back in the now hard-to-find, classic Judgment League: Avengers #5-- Deerdevil.]

     <<Times change, Super-Soldier,>> Dr. StrangeFate answered him telepathically.  <<Times change.>>


     There was a sudden tingeing in Xavier's brain--namely in the section where his telepathic abilities lay.  This happens whenever the Staff of Fate wanted to warn him of danger. He stood up and said,"Come."  The Cloak of  Levitation floated over to him.  Donning his helmet, Charles Xavier once again became Dr. StrangeFate.

     "Staff of Fate...come to my hand," he said as the staff flew to his hand.  "Now, reveal to me that which is to come!"

     The Staff of Fate projected a horrifying image before him.  Dr. StrangeFate then said,"Reveal to me the chosen ones who will fight this evil."

     One by one the Staff showed images of metamutant superheroes, their powers, and part of the great battle which was to come to pass.  When the images ceased, Dr. StrangeFate switched from his mystic powers, to his own metamutant powers.

     <<Mxy, come to my chamber,>> he called out telepathically.

     Dr. StrangeFate's servant, Mxy, enter the room.  "You called, Master?"

     "Yes," Dr. StrangeFate answered,"I have need of your teleportation powers.

     "A new evil threatens the Earth, Mxy.  The JLA, X-Patrol, and the other teams are too over burden to fight it.  Therefore a new league of superpowered beings must be formed.  A league to combat this evil before it can strike! A league of metamutants....an X-League!"

     "X-League?"  Mxy echoed.  "Is that the name you shall give to your new agents?  I am curious as to what manipulating method you will use to get them to serve you."

     "None whatsoever.  I have learn from my past mistakes.  These will not be agents, but allies. They'll join the X-League of their own free will.  They shall follow me because they want to.  If they should ever desire to leave the team, they may do so.  The choice is theirs.  Now, prepare yourself, Mxy.  I shall contact them each telepathically and you shall teleport them here.  But you are to wait for my command to do so.  Understand?"

     "Yes, Master.  Who shall you contact first?"

     "The Amazon known as Wonder Woman.  She is (in a sense) the closest of the four."


(2)--New Allies

     Wonder Woman streak through the sky high above Mexican Sea.  It is here that she truely feels free.  With the gentle air currents generated by her metamutant powers; the wind in her hair; her cape fluttering in the breeze.  Ororo Monroe sometimes wishes she could do this for the fun of it; to just fly through the air and shut out the world--to be alone without any worries.

     She draws nearer to her destination:  Baton Rouge, Louisiana--her home away from home.  It would be nice to return to the mansion and rest, she thought.  The last two times I've return, Diana was there waiting for me.**  [**See Amazon #4 and #8--Homecoming Deerdevil.]

     <<Wonder Woman....>>

     She slow down and looked about.  She saw nothing.

     <<Amazon....hear me....>>

     That's when she saw the face in front of her.

     <<Wonder Woman....hear me...>>

     "What the--?" she said as she came to a complete stop.  "Dr. StrangeFate?"

     <<Do not be alarmed....I am projecting an image in your mind, so that we can better converse.>>

     "What do you want?"

     <<A great evil threatens the Earth.  I need your help.  I will go into more details at my tower.>>

     Odd, she thought,  Dr. StrangeFate usually seeks those who owe him something. What could I possible owe him?

     Beneath his helmet, Xavier almost smiled at the thought of Ororo's reaction if she knew the truth.**  [**See All Access #4--Deerdevil.]  Dr. StrangeFate return to the matter at hand.

     "Dr. StrangeFate," said Amazon,"if this evil is as dangerous as you say it is, why don't you send your agents?"

     <<Here is the answer you seek, Amazon....>>

     Within seconds, Wonder Woman experienced it all.  The battle against the evil ones; the defeat of the agents; Dr. StrangeFate sending the Skulk to the crossroads dimension.  Through it all, she sense something from StrangeFate--regret and a desire to change his ways.  In the past, Ororo found it difficult to trust this man, but that seem to change.

     "Very well, Dr. StrangeFate," she said,"I'll be in New Gotham City, within the hour."

    <<That will not be necessary.  Just prepare yourself for teleportation--now, Mxy!>>

     In a flash of blue light, Wonder Woman vanished from the sky.


     A green bolt screamed across the sky.  Hal Kyle Summers enjoyed days like this, when he could sore about the clouds for the sheer joy of it.  For he was the superhero known as the Emerald Cyclops.

     It's nice to have the day off for a change, he thought.  I just wish I could take a break from this superheroics!  But on the other hand...things have been quiet lately.  It's not often I get to fly for sake of doing it.  I just wish Carol Pryor would look at the man behind the mask, the same way she looks at me when I'm Cyclops.  I hate being my own rival for the woman I love.

     <<Emerald Cyclops....hear me......>>

     "Huh?" said Cyclops as the face appeared before him.

     <<Do not be alarmed.  I am not Abin Xavisur, nor have anything to do with the villain you call, The Living Diamond.  I am Dr. StrangeFate.>> 

     "I've heard of you," said the green hero.  "What do want from me?"

     Dr. StrangeFate said the same thing to him that he said to Amazon.  Hal listen to him and thought, As Hal Kyle Summers I would say no in heart beat--since it's my day off.  But as the Emerald Cyclops, I am sworn to protect Earth.  I must rally to the cause.  "Alright, StrangeFate," he said,"I'll do what I can."

     Moments later, in a flash of blue light, the Emerald Cyclops vanished from the sky.


     In Atlanta City, Georgia, a red blur broke the sound barrier.  It was Fastball--the Fastest Man in the World.  As people felt the sudden gust of wind and saw the red blur go by them, they knew it was Atlanta's own superfast superhero.  But one woman screamed when she saw Cannon- flashing hero vanish in a flash of blue light.


     In the Pacific Ocean, the Coast Guard had just put the Black Mariner in a holding cell--design specially for him.  The commander approached the icey superhero known as Glacier.

     "Thanks for your help, Glacier,"  said the commander.  "If you haven't frozen that oil when it leek out of the tanker...."

     "Hey," said Glacier with a grin,"no problem commander.  If the Black Mariner wants to play 'Smash the Oil Tanker', then I'm more than happy to 'put him on ice' for ya."

     The commander had restrain himself from slapping the hero for his pun.  Especially since Glacier had encased the villain in a block of ice so that the Coast Guard could take him to his cell.

     Glacier dived back into the ocean, and shut down his icey form.  Swimming at speed that normal swimmers could only dream of, Glacier with already three miles from the tanker within one minute.  That's when Dr. StrangeFate's telepathic image appeared before him.

     <<Glacier...hear me...>>

     "Cool," said Glacier,"a talking helmet."

     <<I need your help.  I am Dr. StrangeFate.>>

     "Never heard of ya."

     StrangeFate ignored Glacier's remark and explained to him the situation.  When he was done Glacier stopped and spoke.

     "Now look, Strange--"

     <<That's StrangeFate....Doctor StrangeFate.>>

     "Whatever.  I got into this superhero gig for the fun, excitement, and the adventure.  And a little romance never hurts."

     <<I sense your hestistation to join, but if you join me...you will have adventure that other mortals can only dream of.>>

     "Hmmm....I like the sound of that.  Okay, I'm in.  What do I do?"

     <<Nothing.  Just stand by for teleportation.>>

     With that, Glacier vanished in a flash of blue light.

(3)--New Team

     Wonder Woman, Emerald Cyclops, Fastball, and Glacier all stood before Dr. StrangeFate.  He look at them and spoke.

     "Mxy," he said,"clean up the puddle of water around Glacier."

     "Yes Master," he said and went to get a mop.

     "Now, Dr. StrangeFate, are you going to tell us why in Hera's name you've summon us here?"  said Wonder Woman.

     "In a moment, Amazon," he answered and walked closer to them.  "Look at us.  The five of us have one, no, three things in common.  We are all metamutants--born with powers that separates us from the rest of humanity.   We have use our powers against the forces of evil.  We are metamutants, but each of us have been given an extra power.  Spider-Boy is fond of saying that, 'With great power, there must come great responsibility.'  Therefore each of us have an extra power and extra responsibility."

     He shorten the distance between them by about a foot.  "Ororo Monroe, Wonder Woman: blessed with the power to control the weather, but in addition to that power you have the strength and agility of the Amazons you were raise by; Hal Kyle Summers, the Emerald Cyclops: (from his point of view) cursed with the ability to fire laser blasts from his eyes that are powerful enough to punch a hole in a mountain...but you have also been given one of the most powerful weapons in the universe--the Ring of Power.  

     "Sam Allen West, Fastball: you still blame yourself for the death of that miner you were not able to save when your power to fly like a rocket first surfaced, yet years later, a lab accident not only unleased your metamutant power, but gave you the additional power of supersonic speed; and last, but not least....Arthur Drake, Glacier: you have the ability to turn the moisture about you into ice and shape it anyway you desire, but since your mother was from the lost city of Atlantis, you can also live under water, swim at incredible speeds, and telepathically communicate with the creatures of the sea."

     The four metamutants were shock that Dr. StrangeFate knew so much about them.  Xavier pause for a moment and continued,"I am the world's most powerful metamutant telepath--that is how I know who you really are.  In addition to this power, Nabu the Ancient One, has taught me the ways of the mystic arts."  Dr. StrangeFate put his hands on his helmet.  "And since I know who you are, I guest it's only fair that you know who I am."  He removed his helmet, revealing his bald head and stone gray eyes.  "I am Charles Xavier."  He went on to explain to them what has happen.

     "So," said Cyclops,"this Dormanmmu-Ra, Baron Wotan, and Brother Brood are the great evil you mention?"

     "One of the great evils, Cyclops," Xavier answered.  "There is another, but the former is close at hand.  If you will join me...join my team, the X-League...I shall help you better understand and (in some cases) control and master your metamutant powers.  I know that you (except for Amazon) have never work with, or been part of a team before. Wonder Woman has been a member of the JLA and the JLX, so she understands the necessity of teamwork.  But none of you have ever worked together before, so consider your missions/adventures as part of your training.  Learn from each other, depend on each other, and don't be afraid to ask each other for help."  Redonning his helmet, StrangeFate held his right hand out.  "Will you join the X-League... become the X-League?"

     Wonder Woman step forward and placed her hand atop Xavier's.  "If this evil is as great as you say, then by Hera, it would better to part of the first line of defence than the last.  I'll join the X-League."

     The Emerald Cyclops step forward and said,"As Hal Summers, I would have said no, but as the Emerald Cyclops I must rally to the cause to protect the innocent.  I'll fight these evil beings to my last breath!"

     "Can the speech, Cyke," said Glacier as he too step forward,"I'm looking forward to the adventures and excitement Xavier promised me.  I'm in!"

     Fastball step forward and said,"Ah guest ah'll need all the experience an' training' ah can get.  Ah think ah'll join ya all too."

     The five metamutants stood with their right hands atop of one another--like a sport team gathering before a game.  Dr. StrangeFate said,"Then let all those present bare witness:  that we have agree to battle these great evils together;  that we will stand together in combat to the bitter end.  We are the X-League!"

     When they separated, StrangeFate took the Staff of Fate, and sent a mystic beam at the heroes' belt.  On buckles of Cyclops', Fastball's, and Glacier's buckles appeared an X.  Nothing appeared on Amazon's belt, but she knew something was different about it.

     "Do not be alarmed," said StrangeFate,"I changed your belt buckles into communicators, so you can communicate to one another when you are separated.  I will communicate with you telepathically.  The communicators will admit a signal when you are needed."

     "Cool," said Glacier.

     "Now," said Xavier," I will not always be able to join you on your missions.  Therefore, I am appointing Emerald Cyclops as field commander.  When I am not with you for some reason, he will be in charge--and I expect you to follow his orders."

     "Why me, Doctor?" asked the Emerald Cyclops.

     "Because you possess the abilities one needs to be a good leader," answered StrangeFate. "You will only now begin to realized this.  This too will be part of your training.  Now, it is time for your first mission, X-League.  Attend."  Dr. StrangeFate raise his right hand and an odd yellowish mist came out of his finger tips.  The mist swarm around in one place in front of the X-League, forming the image of a beautiful woman wearing a strange helmet.

     "Whoa!" said Glacier.  "Who's the babe!!?"

     StrangeFate said,"Do not be fool by her beauty, Glacier.  She is very dangerous, as well as very powerful.  She is Madame Polaris--Mistress of Magnetism.  She is a metamutant who can control and manipulate magnetic fields.  Her great desire is to become queen of all metamutants, and take over the world."

     So what else is new? thought Glacier.

    "She is attacking the army missile base at Cape Citadel.  She plans on using the missiles to start a war between humans and metamutants--but her hatred of humans has blinded her to the fact that it will be a war that no one can win!  Be careful, for I........have battle her before.  This will be your baptism of fire!  You are to go to the cape....and defeat her!  Disperse them, Myx."

     Wonder Woman for a moment thought she sense something in StrangeFate's voice when he spoke of Madame Polaris.  She couldn't put her finger on it, but she was certain that there was more between Dr. StrangeFate and Madame Polaris than meets the eye.

     Mxy, having completing his task of mopping up that puddle, put the mop away when Xavier called him.  "Yes, Master," he said.

     With that the X-League vanished in a flash of blue light.


(4)--New Enemy

     If one word could summarized the situation at the Cape Citadel Missile Base, it would be chaos.  Soldiers were running for cover as as their guns seem to take on a life of their own and fire at them.  Tanks literally went to pieces as the bolts came shooting out of them.  Jeeps began to crumble up into little balls of crushed metal.  And source of this chaos, Madame Polaris-- Mistress of Magnetism.

     As she used her powers to magnetically push the soldiers aside, one soldier, after getting a good look at her green and blue costume, remark to a friend that he wasn't sure whether to open fire or fall-in-love.  She approach the missile control room, which had its security doors in place.

     One soldier, who was one of the few who still had his rifle, ran up to her and said,"Hold it right there, Babe!  Even you can't get though that door--it's made outta pure adamantium!"

     Madame Polaris stop and without turning around, magnetically yanked the rifle from his hands, crushed it into a little metallic ball, place it in her hand, and said,"I detest being called,'Babe'!" She toss the metal ball over her shoulder, and it hit the soldier right in the face--putting him down for the count!  "Got it?" she said and continued walking.

     Another soldier tried to stop her.  It was the same one who remarked to his friend about her earlier.  She didn't stop this time, but to show the world that she did indeed have a sense-of- humor, she magnetically remove the guy's belt, causing his pants to fall.  Now he can show off to the world his white underpants with those little, pink hearts on it (and do an impersonation of President Clinton at the same time).

     Now she stop at her destination.  The adamantium security door stood before her.  Raising her arms, yellow energy rings shot forth from her hands and surrounded the door in magnetic energy.  The door tore to shreds as if it were made of paper, and Polaris step inside.

     After removing those who were inside, she set up a magnetic shield around the whole building. She smiled wickedly as she looked around the control room.  "Now," she said,"the liberation of metamutants is at hand!"


          In a flash of blue light, not too far from where the soldiers standing, the X-League appeared.  They saw the soldier standing around the missile control room building.  They were trying blast their way pass a force field that surrounded the whole building.

     "Let me talk to the soldiers first," said the Emerald Cyclops.  He walk over to them.

     "For all intents and purposes," said the general,"she's in full control of the installation, while we're on the outside looking in!"

     "With all due respect, General," said Cyclops from behind the general,"I represent the X-League!  Perhaps we can help."

     "X-League?" echoed a soldier.  "What the...?!"

     Another soldier spoke up,"Hey, I know you!  You're the guy who save my sister from that fire years ago.  You're the Emerald Cyclops!  I always hoped I'd get a chance to thank you!"

     "You're welcome," said the green hero with a smile.  "Anyway, General, I respectfully ask that you hold your fire a bit while my partners and I go into action!"

     "All right! " said the general tossing his hands in the air.  "What do we got to lose!?  You have twenty minutes....after that we pull out the big guns!"

     "You won't regret it, Sir," said Cyclops as the green aura from his ring surrounded him.  "X-LEAGUE....ATTACK!!"  With that, the Emerald Cyclops took to the air towards the building.

     Suddenly on a bridge of ice, Glacier traveled between two of the soldiers.

     "Hey!  What's going on??  It...it's freezing all of the sudden!"

     "Sorry, dudes!"  said Glacier.  "I'll be out of here in a second, and then you can warm up again.  I might have to give the babe the cold shoulder on our first date!"

     Wonder Woman flew over head of the army.  "Hera and Athena protect and guide us as we battle this demon!" she said.

     One of the soldiers was knock down by a red blur--Fastball.  The Speedster backup and help the soldier to his feet.  "Pardon me," said the Fastest Man Alive and ran to join the others.

     Wow! thought the Georgia-born private.  Ah just met Fastball! Now ah'll have somethin' to write home about!

     The Emerald Cyclops hovered near the force field.  "Hmmm," he said,"the energy of that magnetic shield is yellow--which mean my ring will be ineffective against it.  I'll have to use my optic blasts."  With that, the field commander of the X-League fired his optic blast at the shield, but it still had no effect.

     <<Use your energy beam at full power!>> said a familar voice inside his head.  <<That magnetic field is stronger than it seems, Cyclops!>>

     Dr. StrangeFate is still in touch with us telepathically, thought Cyclops, despite the distance between us!  Alright then, let's put his plan into action!  Cyclops slowly open his visor, releasing more energy from his eyes as he did.  When the ruby quartz lenses were open all the way, he hit the field at full power.  Though the blast had push him back a little, the magnetic field was beginning to buckle.

     "It's working!" said Hal.  "That's exactly what it needed! A natural counterforce to batter the unnatural magnetic field!"

     When the shield collapsed, a few moments later, Madame Polaris walked out.

     <<Look sharp, X-League!>> said Dr. StrangeFate in their minds.  <<You are facing a dangerous enemy!>>

     "So," she said,"you're the ones who knocked out my shield.  Undoubtly you were showing me just how powerful you are.  This will show the puny humans what metamutants are made of! You've shown yourselves worthy of my notice.  Join me...together we will forge out a new world for all metamutants--punishing the humans who would destroy us!"  

     Then she recognized one of them as Wonder Woman, but she never seen the others before. Then she noticed the X's on their belts.  "So Dr. StrangeFate sent you.  You must be his new agents!  Still, my offer stands."

     "We're the X-League, Babe!" said Glacier.  "And we don't take too kindly to power hungry lab mice trying to take over the world!"

     The Emerald Cyclops fired a beam pass her from his ring.  "That was a warning shot," he said. "Surrender now, Madame Polaris!"

     "Very well," she said,"I can see that you are not as worthy as I thought!" With that, she encased them in a magnetic bubble and lifted them off the ground.  "In that case, give Xavier a message for me: tell him I have fully master my powers since we last saw one another. Tell him, that I am more powerful than our last....encounter--not even his magic parlor tricks will stop me the next time we meet! Tell him, that all metamutant who aren't for me, are against me, and are traitors to all metamutantkind!  Be gone with you, before I crush the very life from your bodies!" She dropped them to the ground.

     After the Emerald Cyclops created a green safety net with his ring, the X-League attacked! Cyclops fired both his optic blast and his ring at Polaris, but she deflected with a force field.

     Fastball ran upside the building, leaped in the air, and his rocket power kick in.  He flew towards Polaris with his fists out, hoping to knock her out of the sky, but he merely ricochet off her shield.

     "I call upon the power of lightning!" said Amazon as dark clouds filled the sky.  Polaris drop her shield after she magnetic blasted Cyclops and Fastball.

     "Be gone!" said Wonder Woman firing a bolt of lightning at the Mistress of Magnetism.  But it had no effect.

     Madame Polaris said,"Didn't anyone ever tell you that magnetism and electricity are related?" She fired a magnetic blast at Wonder Woman, knocking her into the sea.

     No! she thought.  N-n-n-n-no! NOT THIS!!! PLEASE NO!!!!

     Many times since Ororo Monroe had accepted the mantle of Wonder Woman, she has looked into the grim eyes of death.  Many times has she stood in great defiance of the very beings who started her adoptive race.  But nothing she has ever face has cause her to feel so helpless, feel the strength of spirit wrench from her, than the most primordial of her terrors--drowning!

     She tries to swim to shore, but can't--for something is forcing her to sink.  Perhaps Polaris is causing an increase in the Earth's magnetic field around her.  But as she struggles, her mind is hurled back again.  Further back, almost to the very edge of conscious memory--to the origin of her fear.  She remembers the cold darkness.  The waters flooding into her, filling her.  And she remembers a sudden, inexplicable salvation.

     As she sink deeper, something large opens its mouth and closes it on her.  She can see nothing but darkness, and can feel a slippery, wet tong.  As God used a whale to save His disobedient prophet, Jonah, so Glacier used a whale to save his teammate.  The whale opens his mouth, and then careful places her on land.  She is still shaking from the cold water and her fear, but she is alive.

     <<Thank you, my friend,>> said Glacier to the whale telepathically.

     <<No problem,>> answered the whale as he swam away.

     "Thank you, Glacier," said Wonder Woman.  "Now....the Mistress of Magnetism gets hers!"

     She launches herself skyward towards Madame Polaris.  Her eyes are full of fury.  She had never told anyone about her fear of drowning.  This was only their first mission and Madame Polaris put her fear on display for all to see.  This time there was no effort to use her weather powers, just fists.  Amazon uppercut her with both fists.  Polaris didn't have time to put up a full shield, so she put a thin shield on her chin.  The bow knock her back, causing her helmet to fall off, but it kept her from having a broken jaw.  She place herself inside a magnetic shield.  The battle rages on.

     Amazon whip out her lightning lasso and threw it at Madame Polaris, but it couldn't touch her due to her shield.  

     Fastball was on the ground when saw this and thought, There's no way her lasso is gonna penetrate tat magnet field unless she changes the polarity....hey wait a minute!  Tat's it! Fastball activated his communicator.  "Fastball to Wonder Woman.  Fastball to Wonder Woman...come in!"

     "Wonder Woman here," answered Amazon.  "I'm busy right now, Fastball!"

     "Wait, ah have a plan.  Is yer lasso artificially generated?"

     Wonder Woman thought for a moment.  "Yes."

     "Then ya need to reverse the polarity."


     "Remember, like poles attract, opposites repel.  Ya need a reverse polarity lasso!"

     Catching on to Fastball's plan, she regenerated his lasso--in reverse polarity.  She hurled it at Polaris.

     "You just don't give up do you, Amazon!?" said Polaris as she saw the lasso coming.

     When the lasso touch the magnetic shield, it suddenly collapsed.  Polaris screamed in agony as the lasso wrap around her.  The shock of her magnetic field collapsing, knock her out.  Amazon lowered her to the ground.  After Amazon remove her lasso, the Emerald Cyclops generated a cage around from his ring.

     "Well," said Glacier,"that's wasn't too hard."

     Oh, please! Cyclops thought.

     Suddenly, Hal's ring began to spark, and the cage faded out of existence.

     "Oh no!  Not now!" he said.

     "Wat wrong?" asked Fastball.

     "My ring must be recharged every twenty-four hours," answered Cyclops. "It just ran out of juice!"

     "So why didn't you recharge it before the Doc sent us on this mission?" asked Glacier.

     "Because I was on my way to my house to do so, when StrangeFate first called us!"

     While they were talking, Madame Polaris regain consciousness.  She staggered backwards a little.

     "Surrender, Polaris," said Hal,"I still have my optic blasts!"

     "The day is yours, X-League," she said,"but you do not have me!"

     "Surrender, Polaris!" said Amazon, still angry at her.  "Or by Hera, I'll--"

     "You'll do nothing!" said Polaris as she lifted off the ground.  "A....simple...magnetic repulsion....will...stop...you!"  She put up the the force field, but it was taxing her--she was still too weak to make it any stronger.  By the time the X-League got through it, she was gone.

     The X-league return to the army that was waiting for them.

     "Your base is operational again, General," said Cyclops.  "Madame Polaris is gone!"

     "Uncanny!" exclaimed the general.  "And your twenty minutes are not yet up!"

     "Thank you, Sir.  And should America's security ever again be threatened, the X-League will be back!"

     A few moments later, the metamutant team had gotten some distance between them and the base, they heard Dr. StrangeFate's voice inside their minds.

     <<Well done, my friends,>> he said.  <<This day you have learn teamwork and how to use each others' knowledge and experience.  I am proud of you all.  You have justified my faith in you.  And now, return to me, my X-League!>>

     With that, the X-League vanished in--oh heck!  You already know.


     On a hill overlooking the battle field, stood Madame Polaris.  She stood there recovering from the battle.

     She said,"You've selected your allies well, StrangeFate!  But dear, dear Xavier, you are one of the most powerful metamutants in the world!  Why do you protect the very humans who seek to destroy us?"

     She shook her head and sigh.  She left the area never looking back.


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Dr. StrangeFate [Dr. Strange, Charles Xavier+Dr. Fate]--'nuff said.

Amazon [Wonder Woman+Strom]--need I say more?

Emerald Cyclops [Cyclops+Green Lantern]--He's field commander of the X-League.

Fastball [The Flash+Cannonball]--Georgia's own superfast superhero.

Glacier [Iceman+Aquaman]--I think that says it all.

Madame Polaris [Dr. Polaris+Magneto, Polaris]--the metamutant Mistress of Magnetism. Lorna Magus wants to conquers the world and be queen of the metamutants.  The way her and StrangeFate talk about one another seems to suggest that there's more between them than meets the eye.

Dormammu-Ra [Dormammu+Mumm-Ra]  The Ever-Dreaded One lives in the Dark Dimension. He goes around conquering other dimensions.  He's fought Dr. StrangeFate on many occasions. His servant is Baron Wotan.  He has recently destroyed StrangeFate's agents to clear the way for a future attack on the Amalgam Universe.