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RECAP: This story takes place after O:ZT and the return of the X-Men from space. Questioning his relationship with Tabitha, Sam finds a friendly ear in Rogue. Sam falls under her "Southern hospitality" and is now completely smitten with her. Remy and Joseph are less than impressed, Logan who recognized Sam's 'condition' first is finding the entire situation quite entertaining.

The Upstart Lover-- Part 3

Syvan Coyne

"Uh Logan? Is it necessary to be driving quite so fast??" Scott asked from the back seat of Logan's jeep.

"Yup." was Logan's only response.

"Do you mind if I ask why we are risking our lives for a beer from Harry's Hideaway?" Beast asked while using both of his arms to brace himself as the jeep screeched around a corner. He was re-thinking his spur of the moment decision to join Scott, Jean and Logan on their quest for refreshment. "Granted, Harry's establishment is quite renowned in our humble area, but, this undue haste is a bit perplexing to say the least."

"I want ta get the best seats for the en'nertainment." Logan said.

The jeep turned sharply again and in the distance the occupants could see the bright red neon sign proclaiming Harry's Hideaway. Believing this would slow Logan down the three passengers were rather dismayed when Logan continued at the same pace right into the parking lot before coming to a jarring stop in between two other cars.

"Oh my stars and garters." Beast managed. Scott looked at his friend of many years and wasn't at all surprised to see the large man with his hands covering his eyes. Scott briefly wondered if Hank resented having to use the image inducer so that he could go into 'normal' establishments such as this. Turning his attention to Jean who was sitting up front Scott unbuckled his seatbelt asking Jean if she was as un-nerved as he and Hank were. Logan, Scott had noticed was already out of the Jeep and halfway to the door. Shaking his head, Scott jumped out and looked again at Jean who had neither answered his earlier query nor exited the car.

"Jean?" wondering if she had been traumatized by the drive, Scott used his rapport with his wife to try and get her attention.

"Hmmm?" Jean said sleepily. "Oh are we there? I must have drifted off when we were waiting for Logan to get his keys. I never realised how tired I was until I sank into these soft seats and felt the breeze drift over me. Oh what a wonderful nap. I'm really going to enjoy this now." Smiling brightly Jean hoped out of the Jeep and hooking her arm with Scott's headed towards the front door of Harry's.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

"Jeannie! Over here!" Logan called.from a horseshoe shaped booth off in one corner of the room.

"Logan, I didn't see any entertainment advertised out front. Are you sure there is going to be a show?" Scott asked as he slid into the seat next to Jean.

A wickedly mischieveous grin spread across Logan's face as he said "Oh yeah, there's going to be a show alright. And one I wouldn't miss for the world."

A waitress came across and took their orders and quickly left again. "what type of show is it Logan?" Hank asked

"A romantic comedy if I don't miss my guess."

"A romantic....Logan, Harry's is a bar not a dinner theatre, or is that the name of a band?" Scott asked with no little bewilderment. Logan wanting to see a romantic comedy? He couldn't have heard correctly. He looked at Jean but she was just smiling back at Logan as if sharing a secret.

Scott turned to Hank to see what he thought about this situation. He didn't like this. He felt out of the loop. As if everyone else knew what was happening except him. Hank just shrugged his shoulders and looked towards the stage waiting for whatever show was going to start. Letting out a sigh, he also looked towards the stage. "I thought you wanted good seats Logan? The bar is blocking our view. Why don't we move over to that other table over there?" Scott asked.

"These are just perfect Cyke." Logan grinned. "In fact it looks like our first two actors have arrived." Jean quickly glanced towards the door instead of the stage and Scott and Hank glanced at the dark stage then followed Jean lead and looked towards the door. Joseph and Remy were talking quickly in quiet tones. They glanced towards a table in the middle of the room but quickly seemed to dismiss it. Josph nodded towards another table and they started towards it. Hank started to rise to invite the two men to join them but Logan and Jean nearly jumped the table to stop him. Pushing Hank back down in his seat.

"Gaakk!! A simple request would have sufficed, my friends. Is there a reason we do not wish the company of our friends and team-members?"

"Yes. It would spoil the entire show if they were sitting here." Logan said

"The show?..Wait a minute....Now I'm totally confused, if that's possible. You said the show had started, but there is no one on stage. You two are watching Remy and Joseph like perverbial hawks since they came in yet, you act like we are hiding from them or are ashamed of them. What's going on Jean?" Scott asked in near total frustration.

"Patience Scott, I'm sure you will figure it out in a few minutes." Jean teased.

"Do not feel badly my friend. I am as perplexed by this situation as you are. Let us attempt to discover the solution to this enigma. We arrived here to see a 'show'. A romantic comedy to use Logan's words. We have been informed of the participants being Remy and Joseph. So that would lead me to deduce that the romantic comedy 'show' is actually to be the actions performed by Remy and Joseph, which means Jean and Logan are telling us that.....oh my stars."

"No way!" Scott said at the same time obviously following Hank's train of thought. "I mean, they've never appeared to even really like each other let alone being attracted to each other."

"I guess that could have been their way of denying what they felt for each other. I mean, Remy has been persueing Rogue for many a month now. Even though he knows they can't have a normal relationship....oh dear."

"Oh God this is starting to make sense." Scott said. "I feel so stupid. I've been so out of touch with the rest of the team I've missed Remy's true personality. He's probably still having a dificult time coming to terms with everything. He's the classic case of homosexual who doesn't want to admit that he is gay and overcompensates by trying to be the perverbial 'lady killer'."

"You have made a few interesting points, though I don't necessarily agree with your personal take on things. I do believe we have discovered the true reason behind this excursion here though." Hank started playing with his glasses.

"What the heck are you two talking about?!?" Jean asked stunned by the turn of events. "How on earth have you two determined that Joseph and Remy are homosexuals who are here on some romantic rendevous?!?" Jean asked flabbergasted.

Logan actually had tears running down his face while he tried to restrain from laughing out loud and drawing attention to their table. "Oh this is just too rich....ha, heh..." Logan wiped tears from his eyes and quickly sobered and tapped Jean's arm.

Standing in the doorway now was Rogue and Sam. Seeing the table that Remy and Joseph had earlier dismissed they made their way to it and sat down.

"Let the show begin." Logan said and sat back and raising his glass of beer in a toast.

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