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The Upstart Lover-- Part 2


"What have you been up to Logan? You're grinning like the Cheshire cat." Jean said as she walked up beside him. Taking a seat at the picnic table she couldn't help grinning as well finding Logan's smile contagious.

Glancing at Jean from under his old battered cowboy hat Logan lifted his beer to take a sip before answering her. "Nothin really Jeannie, more like I'm anticipatin' what's going to happen."

"And just what IS going to happen?" She asked intrigued.

"You'll just have to keep your eyes open darlin'"

"Here ya go Remy, this should keep yoah hands busy for a while." Rogue grinned as she finished tying off wood planking for use in re-structuring the mansion.

"Why we don't just get a carpenter to do dis is beyond me. Remy's hand be made for more pleasurable t'ings dan bangin' pieces of wood toget'er." Remy grumbled and stood from his crouched position on the roof.

"I tired of dis. I gonna get me somet'in ta eat den have a shower before sleepin' for a week."

"Ah can agree with that. Mind if'n ah join ya?"

Gambit's head whipped around to stare at her, he nearly lost his balance he was so shocked but he quickly recovered. "Wh- ahem, what you wantin' to join Remy doin' chere?" Remy asked to Rogue as she gently floated to the earth below.

"Ah'm sorry, ah didn't hear what ya said. Mah stomach was grumblin' so loud ah'm surprised ya didn't hear it." Rogue giggled slightly embarrased.

"Uh, not'in' chere, just wondered if ya knew what Hank was makin ta feed us?" Merde that was close Remy thought to himself. What was I thinkin', Da girl is finally talkin' to ya again and you jump right to de conclusion she wants to jump inta bed or a shower wit ya? Idiot!!

Not paying attention to what he was doing as he berated himself his foot slipped and he started to fall. "Ahhh sshhii---" "WHOULF"

'What's wrong with ya sugah? Ya tryin'ta get yaself killed?"

Catching his breath Remy realised Rogue had caught him in mid air he smiled his smile and said to her as they landed safely "Guess I be fallin' for ya all over 'gain chere." Remy could have bitten his tongue, he was pushing things to fast for her. At least she didn't look angry, but she didn't seem to pleased either. Before he could say anything else though, Sam came roaring in landing right next to them.

"Ah saw what happened, are ya alright?" Sam asked axiously.

Grinning at the worry in Sam's voice Remy started to respond "I'm fine..."

"Sir, you should be more careful. You're hammer hit Miss Rogue when ya fell. She coulda been hurt cause of you." Gently Sam raised his gloved hand to check Rogue's forehead where the hammer hit.

"Ah'm alright Sam, can't hurt someone who's invulnerable remember?" Rogue answered sweetly allowing Sam to check her head anyway to assure himself she wasn't hurt.

"Still it was careless." Sam persisted. " Why don't ah get ya a seat so ya can sit a spell. It make me feel better if ya would." Sam asked her.

Grinning at the way Sam was fussing over her Rogue nodded and agreed to sit down so *he* would feel better. Sam smiled hugely at her and offered his arm. Wanting to laugh but not daring to for fear it might hurt Sam's feelings she placed her hand inthe crook of his arm as he led her to table in the back yard that had been set up for eating.

"Ah know ah'm over reactin' a bit but momma always said ya can nevah be too careful with head wounds. One of mah brother's fell outta the hayloft once and fell onta his head. Now he's gotta have the thinkest head God evah created on this earth cause ah remember he just stood up went right on playing with Paige and the others as if nothin' had happened. Well, bein' kids an all, we didn' think no more on it. Ah mean if'n he'd been hurt he wouldn't have got up right? But come about dinnertime he wasn't hungry, and said he was feelin' sick. Momma thought it was because it was Sunday and he had ta go ta school the next day. She tol' him ta go ta bed then if'n he weren't well. It weren't till he did just that, that momma really thought he was sick. when she went ta check on'im he wouldn't wake up an all a us just sorta paniced. It weren't till we got ta the hospital that he was diagnosed with a concusion. That was when we remembered he had fallen. Momma was fit ta be tied. Ever since then we have always been told that no matter how insignificant it seemed we were to tell someone that we or whoever had been hit in the head. If it happened again." Finishing his tale he looked sheepishly at Rogue to see if she thought he was being stupid but she was smiling kindlly at him and his heart did a funny little flop in his chest.

Still standing where he had been left, totally ignored, Gambit stared at the two people walking away from him feeling as if a hammer had been dropped on _his_ head. "What de hell jus' happen here?" Realising Rogue was absorbed in listening to that young pup Remy started to walk away. Then shakin his head, grinned and said to himself " Hey we talkin' 'bout de pup here. Rogue is de one in need of rescuin' dis time, and Remy plan on bein' dere to be of assistance." With his ego firmly back in place Remy followed the couple to one of the picnic tables and sat down next to Rogue.

"Ahhhh, dat's better" Remy sighed happily as he sat down. "Only problem now be am I more 'ungry or tired?"

"Ah know what ya mean. Ah don't want ta move again foah days...." Rogue said but was interrupted when her stomach grumbled loudly.

"Ah'm sorry, ah should of offered ya somethin' ta eat back when we first sat down." Sam said. "Stay right there and ah'll get ya somethin." He started to stand when for the first time he seem to notice that Remy had joined them. " Oh ahhh, Have ya eaten yet Gambit? Ah s'pose ah could bring ya somethin' as well.

"You are too kind mon ami. I would 'preciate whatever yo be bringin' back." Remy forced a smile just wanting to get rid of the pup. The way he was falling all over himself to please Rogue was putting his teeth on edge. How could Rogue stand it?

As Sam left on his errand Rogue saw Joseph coming out of the mansion. She raised her hand and called out to him. "Ovah heah Joseph! come and join us."

Joseph raised his own hand to aknowldge her and alterred his directionto join them.

"Oh just great." Remy mumbled to himself. "dis day is jus' gettin better an' better."

Turning her head to look at him Rogue asked "What was that Remy, either mah hearin's goin' or yoah mumblin' a lot today."

"Sorry chere, it's me. I be gettin' de worst headache and it be gettin closer as we speak."

"What do ya mean gettin' closer.....oh *giggle* Remy be nice, The others still arn't all that comfortable with him yet and ah don't want him feelin' isolated and alone. Ya know as well as ah do that that was part of his problem when he was Magneto. He separated himself so much he didn't associate with anyone. He started feelin' superior, and that was his downfall. If we help him with this new start he's been given give him the foundation of friendship on which to draw we could help him find the strength within himself not to give in ta his own demons and fears and hates. Does that make sense?"

"You be a good woman chere. Dat's what makes sense, and dat's what I know."

"Joseph's nearly here, Remy please, try ta be nice."

"Ya, ya, I try for you. But are ya sure he still callin himself Joseph? I mean he been usin' it for a while now, maybe it be gettin old and he decide to change it again neh?" Remy couldn't seem to help himself from the final comment.

"Remy." Rogue warned him. But she still had that sultry smile that melted his insides pointed in his direction.

Joseph approached and smiled warmly at Rogue, Remy's stomach instantly clenched and curdled. He refused to examine his respone any more than that right now.

"Good evening Rogue, thank you for inviting me over." Joseph pulled a seat out and looked at Remy. "Remy." He aknowledged.

Remy merely nodded.

The air between the two men fairly sizzled as they stared at each other.

"Ah'm back Rogue. " Sam announced only seconds before landing right in front of Joseph. He leaned over the table and put a small basket of bar-b-q'd ribs and chicken in the middle. Then he put down plates with a tupperware bowl of potato salad on top. He started talking as soon as he put the plates down. "Ah wasn't sure how hungry y'might be so ah brought a bit of everythin'. Ah'm sorry ah took so long but ah knew ya liked fresh lemonade so ah made some for ya." He flashed her a quick smile before straightening things out on the table. " It weren't no bother so don't go sayin nothin kay? " He dished out a large portion of ribs and chicken and a huge portion of potato salad before placing it in front of the startled Rogue.

Without looking Sam grabbed the chair that Joseph was just about to sit in and sat down right next to Rogue not even noticing as Joseph fell backwards landing on his butt. Hearing the thump Sam finally noticed Joseph and said "Hey Joseph, what are ya doin' sittin' on the ground? There's another seat right there and ah brought enough food ta share if'n you're hungry."

Blissfully ignorant of the black look that Joseph was shooting him Sam turned back to Rogue who was standing after seeing Joseph fall. "Oh heah." Sam said jumping up out of his seat. Stepping over to Rogue's chair he held the back until Rogue started to sit down again . Leaning across her he picked up her napkin that had fallen on the ground and shook it out before laying it across her lap. He then returned to his seat and proceeded to stare at her while she went to try her lemonade. The most adoring look in his eyes.

Remy was laughing his guts out but everyone seemed to be ignoring him. Getting control of himself, he wiped a tear out of his eye and saw Joseph glaring at him. This just made Remy start to laugh again. "Maybe dis day ain't so bad after all." Remy chuckled. Seeing the adoring look in Sams eyes as Rogue sighed with pleasure after drinking her lemonade sobered him up though. "den again.."

"Ain't it your bed-time Sammy?" Gambit grumbled when Rogue had sighed and declared Sam her official lemonade maker for the rest of her life.

"Yoah funny sir." Sam chuckled. "Isn't it mah bed-time." Sam repeated. "Ya must be gettin' old Remy, its only 7:30, maybe when ah reach yoah age ah'll be wantin' ta turn in early as well, but right now ah'm young and healthy and can go all night long. Actually, Miss Rogue and ah are goin' to Harry's later tonight. "

"That's right, ah'd almost forgotten. Ah'd better go have a shower and change or else all the good boothes will be taken. Ah'll meet ya out front in about a half hour kay?" Smiling warmly, Rogue stood up and and flew off towards the mansion.

Remy and Joseph stared at each other and then at Sam. "What do you mean you and Rogue are going to Harry's tonight?"

"It's a date. We're goin' out on a date." Sam was so proud he could barely contain his excitement. after all one didn't get to go out with a goddess everyday now did they. Sam smiled obliviously at the two men at the table.

"You mind sayin' dat again boy." Remy said his eyes starting to glow.

"Rogue asked me if ah wanted to go to Harry's with her tonight."

"Really, and when did dis happen?"

"When we were in the woods together this afternoon." Sam said happily, still not catching on to the dark tone of Remy's voice.

"What were you doing in the woods together?" Joseph cut in.

"Well, ya see, ah was havin' some _man_ problems." Sam whispered while leaning across the table towards Remy and Joseph. Sam looked around to make sure no one else was around. Logan, Jean, Scott, and Ororo, were at the closest table but they didn't look like they were paying any attention and Logan actually looked like he was taking a nap with his hat pulled so low over his eyes. There was no reason for everyone to know that he may have been dumped by his girlfriend. "You guys know how it is dontcha? My relationship with Tabitha wasn't ....ya know ....workin..." He looked at each man who were just looking at him. "Well, I was in the woods tryin' ta work things out on mah own ya see. When Rogue came by." Sam stopped again. He chuckled a bit and then continued "Geez, ah wish ah could a seen mah face. Ah was so embarrassed. ah mean there ah was right out in the open , and Rogue just drops down in front of me and tells me straight out what ah should do."

"Do?!?! What did she do?" Joseph stammered out getting a bit loud.

In the background they all heard Logan cough and start to choke. Jean hit him on the back and he stopped soon enough.

"Shhh, ah don't want everyone knowin'. Ah mean ah'm sure everyone will sooner or later, ah would just appreciate it if people weren't discussin' my problem out loud just now okay?"

Sam looked to Remy for conirmation and noticed how pale Remy was. Thinking perhaps Remy had gone through a very similar situation but was embarrassed to admit he had been dumped as well, Sam thought he had best end the conversation as he didn't want to upset or bring back bad memories for Remy. Looking at him sympathetically, sam said to Remy "I see this is affectin' ya sir. but don't worry ah'm sure it's happened to every man at least once. Right Joseph?" Not really waiting for a response Sam continued "Sure ya feel like a loser when it doesn't work, but suddenly everythings right again and ya feel like a man again. It ain't nothin' ta be feelin ashamed of Remy." Sam said kindly.

Shocked and with a severely damaged ego rey replied stiffly "Remy has NEVER had dat problem ."

"Sir.." Sam tried to turn this into a bonding moment but Remy cut him off again.

"NEVER!! Maybe ot'er men be havin dat problem but Remy's t'ing always work right."

Thinking Remy's answer was a bit strange Sam was about to ask what he meant when he remembered that when Remy got upset his Cajun accent became thicker and more pronounced. Sam re-thought Remy's response and thought Remy had really meant to say *his relationships always work out, or that they always ended well.* Yes that made sense, Remy had an accent that always cut words out or used improper word tense.

Logan was coughing again. Sam heard and turned to see if he was alright. Ororo was holding a glass of water out too him which he accepted gratefully. As Sam turned back to his table he noticed his watch and the time. "Ah shoot! Ah gotta go, ah'm gonna be late. Ah'll see y'all later okay." With that he was up and gone. Remy and Joseph sputtering behind him.

Remy ran his hands over his face, before looking at Joseph. Joseph was looking at him already, and they stared at each other for a moment before both said at the same time

"De pup has got to go!"

"The boy has got to go!"

They actually grinned at each other before Remy said "I feel like gettin' a drink how 'bout you Joseph?"

"Hmmm, yes I do think a beer would go down nicely just now." Both men stood, strangely neither felt the least bit tired anymore.

At the other table, Logan also stood and announced "I'm as dry as a whistle anyone care to join me at Harry's for a beer?" Ororo declined as she wanted to finish re-planting the garden on the east side of the mansion. Scott was about to decline as well as he wanted some time alone with his wife, but, Jean catching on to what was happening, quickly agreed saying how it had been ages since they had been to their old hangout. Scott reluctantly agreed and the three set off for Logan's jeep and Harry's Hideaway.

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