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The End of Innocence
part 1
by Kali

This takes place after No Exit.

Maggot looked at the X-Men. They had been through a great deal in the last few weeks. Some of them had even perished because of Bastion and his Zero Tolerance. They had been more than happy to welcome him to their ranks, even though they knew so little about him. He knew that if they found out who he really was, and why he really joined up with them that they would hate him.

He had been hoping "Joseph" would be with them, but he wasn't. He had found a way, casually, to find out *where* "Joseph" currently is. Apparently, he, Beast, Rogue, Bishop, Gambit, and some woman named Trish Tilby were in outer space. No one knew when they would be back. He knew that would make achieving his goal a bit difficult, and that he would have to pretend to be X-Men material for longer than he wanted too.

His thoughts were drowned out by the sight of a large space ship. Larger than anything he had ever seen in his life. It looked like he didn't have to wait anymore.

Joseph looked out from the deck of the lavishly designed spacecraft. They had been gone from Earth a long time, and unfortunately, things had obviously gotten a lot worse since they left. Somehow, this seemed horribly deja vu to him. They had discovered the mansion in ruins. For awhile, they had even considered that the rest of the X-Men could be dead. Fortunately, someone named Marrow, informed them that they were still alive, well, for the most part anyway. However, she didn't know where they were. Beast eventually found out where they were thanks to their long time ally Moira.

"Ah wish, Ah could be happy 'bout being home. But considerin' what's goin' on wit' Bastion an' his cronies, a part of me would rather be in space," sighed Rogue.

"Perhaps, we should've taken care of Bastion when we had the chance in South Carolina, then maybe all of this could have been avoided," muttered Joseph.

"Sugah, you know the X-Men don't kill. There was nothin' we coulda done. Don' beat ya self up 'bout it", Rogue said.

"Tell that to Scott, or to Charles, or to Jubilee. Scott has disappeared, may even possibly be dead; Jubilee, will never be the same; and Charles...."

"Ah know, Ah know, don' ya think ah want to rip him apart just as much as you do sugah?"

Rogue was worried about Joseph. He had started remembering things. That was the last thing she, and the other X-Men wanted. She had come to care a great deal about Joseph, and didn't want to see him revert to his old ways. She had actually cared somewhat about Magneto as well, and had vocally objected to Xavier's mindwiping of him. A part of her was happy he was awake, while another part was scared to death of what he might do if he reverted to his old ways. She *never* wanted to face him in battle again.

Gambit saw them talking and cursed to himself. He felt a great deal of jealously regarding Rogue's friendship with "Joseph". Despite himself, even though he knew it could cause the X-Men a great deal of problems, he hoped "Joseph" would revert back. He told himself he hated Joseph *period*, but in *truth* he realized that they had a great deal in common, and if it wasn't for Rogue, they might of become great friends.

"Since we are back on Earth now, I was hoping we could have that talk about my past?" Joseph said, looking hopefully at Rogue. His nightmares were coming more frequently now, almost every night. He hoped she could help him deal with them. She had been a good friend to him. Had treated with nothing but kindness and compassion. He hoped that no matter what happened in the future, that they would always be friends.

"Sure thing sugah. Now where do ya wanna start?"

"How do *you* feel about Magneto?"

"Ah, well....", not wanting to really get into her relationship with him in the Savage Land, "I never really hated him/you, ah understood why he did what he did. Ah guess, ah don' really wan' to get into that right now, sugah, perhaps later? Ok? Now, any other questions?"

"Hello chere, Magneto. Jus' came to let ya know tha' we've docked. Deathbird wants ta head back home soon as possible. Don' wanna end up back in space again do ya?"

"By the eternal, *Gambit*, I told you not to call me *Magneto* anymore. How many times do I have to tell you this? *I* am *Joseph* now and forever, Magneto's gone," Joseph says, annoyed at Gambit's interruption.

Gambit, who is pleased with himself, says, "We'll jus' see 'bout that, now won't we, Magneto."

"Just ignore him sugah." **Remy, I love you, but how can you do this? Do you want him to revert to his old ways???** Rogue thinks to herself, giving Gambit a nasty look.

Looking on as Rogue, Joseph, Beast, Gambit, Trish, and Bishop left the spacecraft, Maggot was curious as to whether or not "Joseph" would remember him. If he remembered anything about Gardener either. He knew "Joseph" had amnesia, but he still couldn't believe that "Joseph" would forget about Gardener and Ariel. It would be interesting to find out.

Coming up: Joseph comes face to face with Maggot. Will he remember Maggot? And when he decides to visit Auschwitz, will the X-Men allow it? Meanwhile, Maggot sets his plan into high gear, and a suspicious Remy starts investigating Maggot. . Kali