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Pairing: Quicksilver / Xavier
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Warning: This story involves sex between two men and spoilers for Magneto Rex.

Hope After All
by  Leizel


He murmurs in response and fall asleep in my arms. I sigh as I wrap my arms around his strong and slender body. He tightens his grip around me as well and buries his face into my chest. I stroke his snowy white hair and sigh. After a few minutes he rolls away and lays on his side, still facing me.

He looks so young when he sleeps. So serene. So unlike the arrogant man he makes himself to be in his waking hours. I chuckle softly, 'He truly is your son, Magnus.'

I stop. A wave of guilt rushes through me. My mind floats back to our moment of intercourse. I had came shouting Magnus' name. Pietro did not flinch or pull back in anger.... not this time. But there was an overwhelming sense of sadness in his crystal blue eyes.....Magnus' eyes.

When Magnus had gained control of Genosha and Joseph's death, I was devastated. I had pushed my own students -my family- away and closed myself off. I did not want to believe that Pietro had joined Magneto and became a minister in his senate. When he confronted me, I bombarded him with questions and accusations. I expected him to retort back in anger but was surprised to see him despondent. He had explained that he wanted to help the disease carriers of the legacy virus in Genosha who lived in interment camps.

I could not believe it. Magnus had suffered the worse in the holocaust, he would never inflict such cruelty and pain for his own people. It had to be a trap. It was clear Magnus wanted Pietro at his side. I told Pietro that Magnus does not care for him that is only dominating one he cannot control.

Pietro agrees but states that with he can perhaps make a difference and make good of Magneto's rule in Genosha. Not long ago, one of my X-men did the same. One student who believed in my dream with his heart and soul. Now I'm not so sure that any of my students believe anymore. I've never felt so depressed.

"You should never give up on your dreams," said Pietro. "No matter how difficult they are to obtain or how far they may seem out of reach."

That had surprised me, that Pietro would same something like that. Then he did something else unexpected. He smiled. Not a false smile of sympathy but one of compassion. From that moment I knew I was falling in love with him. But....I still loved Magnus, despite what he has done.

Pietro's sigh wakes me from my reverie. He looks into my eyes and grin.

"Should I be insulted that after ten minutes after orgasm you cannot help but think of Magnus?" he asks.

Again I feel the guilt pouring in me. But how did he know?

"It all right, Charles," he says. "I know you still love him and I know he feels the same about you."

I look at him, confused, "How would you know that?"

He shrugs, "It's the way he mentions you name. His tone has no trace of loathing."

"Perhaps you misunderstood."

Magnus could never hold me in his heart. Not after all that has happened. Not after what I did to him. Not after what I am now doing with his son.

"No," he says softly, sadly. "He loves you. He always has....always will. In spite of the war, there will always be a place in his heart for you."

"Pietro...," I say, sensing his hurt.

"There is no need to apologize," he says. "I know I could never have the same affection from you that you have for my father..... but I know you care for me and that is enough."

"Pietro....," I protested. I felt so sympathetic for this young man.

He kisses me and he smiles, though his eyes were filled with sorrow.

"Get some sleep, Charles," he says, gently.

Knowing full well that he would not be beside me in my arms when I awake,
I return his smile and bring my arms around him ,"thank you."


Before the morning sun's rays would even touch Xavier's face, Pietro had left. Using his mutant powers to run faster than sound, he reached Genosha, ten minutes before dawn.
Pietro stood at the seashore of the island and starred back into the direction from which he had come from.

"Did you do what you had to do?" asked Amelia Voght, who stood behind him.

He nodded but did not to turn to face her.

"And?" she asked.

"And....perhaps there is hope for them after all..."