by paxnirvana
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Gambit/Rogue/Joseph
Archive: Ask me first.

Author's Note: Rating for explicit smut. Pure and simple. And a Remy with 'tude. [oooh, and Joe with that long, long white hair. . . ] 6/28/01

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Marvel Comics. But they offed Joseph a while ago. No profit here.

* * * * *

	All you do is call me
	I'll be anything you need

	I wanna be your sledgehammer
	Why don't you call my name?

		Peter Gabriel

* * * * *

Cyclops, arms folded sternly across his chest, glared at the two of them.

"I'm tired of this infantile behavior. Both of you should know better! Now, you two stay in here until you work your differences out. No more fighting. No more sniping. No more tantrums. If you can't settle this like adults - then you're both off the team!" Then he stomped out, slamming the door of the library behind him.

Gambit glared at the closed door for a while before shooting a poisonous glance at the stoic Joseph. The big man sat on one of the two long couches with his arms crossed mutinously over his chest, glaring back. With a casual shrug, Gambit rose to his feet and moved to the wall. After touching it carefully in several seemingly random places, a concealed panel popped open. He shot a devilish look over his shoulder at the now-curious Joseph.

"De Prof's stash of brandy," he said, reaching into the darkened space, then flourishing a dusty bottle with a sharp grin. "If Gambit has to be stuck in da same room as you, he might as well be drunk."

The Cajun turned and set the bottle on the table, eyeing a cabinet of water glasses nearby. Not ideal for brandy, but they would do for this crisis. Joseph relaxed his arms with a heavy sigh.

"The feeling is entirely mutual. Pour one for me as well."

* * * * *

Rogue woke with a dizzy start as a heavy metal collar snapped closed around her neck. It was fairly tight and for a moment she choked, her hands flying up to tug futilely at it - but it was already locked. Her room was lit only by faint moonlight and as her sleepy eyes adjusted she could make out a shape bending over her. She tried to fly up from her bed to the attack, but nothing happened. Genoshan collar! Gloved hands slipped away as the figure straightened, stripping the gloves off.

"Easy, chère," came a familiar voice.

"Remy!" she cried at the shadow. "What d'ya think yer doin?"

Then a hand caught her wrist from the other side, drawing her up as someone climbed into the bed beside her. These weren't the long clever hands of Gambit - they belonged to someone else. A heavy muscular leg, a bare hip, a broad chest. Whoever he was, he was large and strong, holding her diminished strength easily. She whimpered as she struggled uselessly in his hold, confused and frightened. Another hand locked around her other wrist, drawing both her arms up, pressing her to the large body beneath her. The unfamiliar shape of an erection poked at her side. Her baby-doll nightgown rode up under the treatment, sending a cool draft of air over her suddenly warm body.

"Relax, my dear," came a smooth, cultured voice near her ear.

"Joseph," she whispered, shocked and relieved. Then another set of hands, these the ones she'd expected, skimmed down her back to the flare of her hips. She knew them both. Her warring suitors - Remy and Joseph. But what were they both doing here? And were they both naked? A wave of heat, of desire passed through her, relaxing her slightly. The bed settled slightly to the side as another body joined them on it. Breath scented heavily with alcohol wafted across her face as he leaned over her.

"What's goin' on here?" she demanded, the words not coming out as sharply as she'd intended. Damn, but Joseph felt good under her, all hard and warm and strong. She tried not to squirm.

"We got ta t'inkin', chère," Gambit said, his voice a low purr. Another wave of heat passed through her at the sound, leaving her gasping. He pushed her thin nightgown aside, delicately touching her skin. It felt glorious. His clever hands smoothed steadily up and down her back, her hip, the side of her breast. Despite her annoyance, she felt her body respond to his touch with willing weakness and a spreading warmth. The heat of their bodies soaked into her, one below, one above.

"And drinkin'," she snarled, smelling alcohol on Joseph's breath now too.

"C'est vrai," Gambit said with a soft chuckle. "We was t'inkin' 'bout how much we both wan' you, chère, and how uneasy dis make you."

"So ya thought ya'll'd share, did ya?" she snapped, angry and aroused now, all fear abandoned. This was Joseph and Remy. They'd never hurt her. But they'd been talking about her? Together? And come up with this? Men were pigs. Sexy as hell, but still pigs.

"Easy, chère," Gambit said with a soft laugh, sliding his hands up her arms to meet Joseph's. With a few deft prods, he adjusted Joseph's hold on her so her hands were securely pinned to his chest and she was now laying on her back on top of Joseph's body. The adjustments - so gentle, yet so knowing - made her breath catch and her heart race with the inevitablility of her position.

She tried to kick out at Gambit, annoyed and not yet willing to let them get away with this without further protest, but he just lay over her legs, pinning them down. Then her breath went out of her in shock as he stroked both hands slowly down her front, passing over her breasts, thumbs lazily circling the hard peaks before they moved on to frame her waist, her hips. His hands were clever, his touch more wonderful than she'd ever imagined and it sent waves of heat through her despite her vague misgivings. Then they slipped inside her thighs, spreading them so he could move between them, his body heavy on top of her. Joseph's legs slid up to frame hers from behind, bracing her. She could hear Joseph's breathing roughen as she squirmed on top of him.

"Please, Remy," she gasped, feeling crushed without her powers, sandwiched between two hard men. He just bent his head and took her mouth, stopping her voice. He tasted of cigarettes, brandy and himself, an overpowering combination. He probed her mouth, his tongue teasing hers, his lips gentle and knowing. She moaned deep in her throat, barely feeling Joseph's hands stroke down her arms, releasing her wrists, his lips on her hair. She was lost in the feel of Remy's mouth on hers. Her freed hands unconsciously wound themselves around Remy's neck, drawing him closer. She'd wanted him for so long. And now, here he was in her arms.

Joseph's big hands slid up her arms, then stroked down Remy's back to his hips and pressed them together. Remy was hard and hot, his erection grinding against her with the force of Joseph's hands. She moaned wildly into Remy's mouth.

"Not so fast, chèr," Remy scolded gently, lifting his mouth off of hers to glance at Joseph. He leaned past her, raising a hand to catch Joseph's long white hair in his hand. Then he drew Joseph's mouth to his own, kissing him hard right beside her. The sight widened her eyes, and she felt a strange thrill to see these two men who had chased her for so long kissing over her. Remy drew away slowly from the other man, his eyes hooded, then he bent down and kissed her hard again. She could taste the strangeness of Joseph in his mouth, already familiar with Remy's own unique flavor. Remy had kissed Joe even before she did, she thought wildly.

Remy drew back with a quirked smile, sliding down her body. She watched him until a big hand caught her jaw, twisting her face around so that Joseph could kiss her as well. Joseph's mouth was hot and urgent, his tounge pushing it's way deep into her mouth. He didn't have Remy's smooth skill, but his desire was plain. She moaned helplessly, confused and aroused and feeling so very wanted.

Remy wasn't idle. He'd slid down so he could kiss her breasts, his hands shaping her to his pleasure, lifting, kneeding, sucking. Her breath was coming harsh and fast, puffing into Joseph's mouth. Joseph moved away with a smile, his hands stroking her hair and face as he stared into her eyes. She closed them with a moan of pleasure, arching up into Remy's hands, her body on fire.

Joseph reached around her to stroke her breasts as Remy slid lower, his hands framing her hips now, pushing her up toward Joseph. She gasped as she felt Joseph's erection slip between her thighs. Remy moved down, his mouth on her belly, the fold of her thigh, a clever hand pressing Joseph's heat against her, stroking the other man's erection as well as her own aching opening. She cried out as his fingers slipped inside her. She was hot and wet and ready.

"Mon ami, no offense," Remy said, lifting his head to stare up at them. "But Remy be da one to take her first." Joseph nodded his head beside her, his hands closing around her arms to hold her steadily in place. She moaned helplessly, her head rolling from side to side. Remy rose up quickly then, feeling between them as he fitted himself around Joseph's erection to her slick opening. She moaned deeply again, the sound lost as Remy bent and covered her mouth again with his own. Then he pushed slowly inside her. Her eyes flew open, staring into his red and black gaze with sudden shock. It hurt despite her wetness and her hands clenched into fists, straining against Joseph's hold.

"Easy petite, it be over soon," Remy crooned, dropping his mouth to her cheek, kissing her lightly down to her ear and stopping at the top of the collar. Then he surged inside, past her pain, sliding deep into her body. She cried out in shock that quickly turned to surprised pleasure. Joseph moaned as well. The pain had been brief, but the feel of him inside her was sheer joy. There was also the heat of Joseph's erection pulsing against them both, thrilling her.

"Remy," she breathed, lost in sensation, her eyes seemingly too heavy to open. He kissed her again and they fluttered open.

"Okay now, chère?" he asked, looking deep into her eyes. She shifted against him, seating him more comfortably inside her body. She smiled back at him and nodded. Then he glanced beside her. "Okay, Joe?"

"Yes, Remy," came the other man's rumbling reply.

Then Remy began to move, sliding out, then back, his lean hips surging. Rogue moaned helplessly, feeling him inside her, Joseph behind her, his strong arms holding her still for Remy's invasion. It was overwhelming, consuming - the heat of them both, the feel of one under and one on and inside her. And there was the magic of Remy's mouth. Moving over her face, the parts of her neck exposed by the collar, her own mouth. Occasionally he would break away to kiss Joseph, holding deep inside her when he did so, his erection pulsing urgently. Joseph was groaning deeply now as well, his voice harsh beside her ear, his own erection throbbing along with Remy's thrusts.

Just when she felt she could bear no more, Remy reached between them, a finger finding a spot on her that had her arching up in shocked pleasure, her nearly instantaneous scream of release swallowed by Remy's hungry mouth. He pushed against her as the contractions seized her, driving her further up, and suddenly she felt a pulsing gush and wet heat followed by a gutteral groan and a German curse near her ear as Joseph came between them. Remy pulled away from her mouth, arching up himself to drive furiously into her, his teeth clenched as he came with a deep groan of his own, filling her with more heat.

He held himself up off her, his arms trembling, until Joseph raised his arms, caught him and rolled them all to the side. They moved as a unit, Rogue between them, Joseph's strong arms cradling them both. He was still pressed tightly against her back, Remy to her front and she'd never felt more cherished and loved than at that instant.

Remy kissed her gently, his mouth curving in a smile against her own.

"Love you, chère," he whispered.

"Ah love you, Remy," she replied groggily, her body drained by their exertions. Joseph's arms tightened around them both, but he remained silent. Remy lifted his head and stared at the other man, a curious eyebrow raised. Joseph cleared his throat self-consciously.

"I don't want to intrude," the other man said quietly. Remy gave a snort of laughter, the arm about Rogue lifting to touch the other man's face. Rogue twisted under them to look up at him, her eyes filled with gentle love and understanding.

"Joe, you better love her too - an' me, 'cause we ain't done wit' this yet," Remy said with soft intensity, his tone nearly a challenge. Rogue raised a hand to his face, stroking his stubbly cheek. He glanced down at her and smiled again, but his red-on-black gaze was hard. The earlier alcohol-induced haze seemed to have burned away, for Remy was clear-eyed and intent.

"I love her - it's just you I'm not certain about, LeBeau," Joseph said with simple gravity.

"Lust work fine for Remy," he said, staring into Joseph's gray eyes. "You wan' me?"

Rogue gave a soft gasp as she felt Remy hardening inside her again. She was surprisingly sore, the price for being without her invulnerability. "Remy don' usually share, mon ami." The men continued to stare into each other's eyes. To her surprise, she felt Joseph hardening between her thighs as well.

"Easy now, boys," she whispered, feeling suddenly alarmed. The gentle peace of the aftermath was gone. Remy looked down at her and slowly withdrew from her body. She let out a hissing breath as he left her. He smiled gently at her, his hands cupping her face tenderly. She moaned in disappointment when he slipped completely free of her.

"Too much for a virgin, chère," he said with a tender smile, kissing her. "Don' want to hurt you more." Then he glanced wolfishly up at Joseph. "I have him instead." Joseph glared back at him, but didn't say anything. She looked between them, her eyes wide with surprise and confusion.

"I don't want you, LeBeau," Joseph said between clenched teeth. Remy gave him a hard stare.

"You touched ma petite, you kissed me an' I made you come all over t' bot' of us, chèr. I fuck you now too." Rogue gasped at his crude words, surprised by the menacing gleam in his red-on-black eyes. They had seemed to be in such accord earlier that this sudden tension shocked her.

"What's goin' on here, Remy?" she said softly, trying to diffuse the situation. She was without her powers but the two men weren't. Joseph may not have had his old control over his magnetic powers, but he had raw strength on his side. And Remy was always dangerous, for most of his talent was learned skill.

"Gambit's trying to put me in my place, my dear," Joseph said quietly, not looking away from Remy's stare. Faster than either of them could follow, Remy's hand shot out and wound in Joseph's long white hair, bending his head back. Then Remy bent across Rogue and closed his bared teeth on Joseph's neck. She could see his strong teeth dig into Joseph's skin, but not quite break the surface. It was certainly painful, but Joseph remained silent, his hands clenching hard on her shoulder and Remy's.

"Remy!" she cried in shock, pushing at his shoulders. His free hand caught the collar around her neck, pulling her away and holding her flat to the bed with a choked gasp.

"All right," Joseph said, his tone strangled. Remy released them both, his eyes flashing as he sat up. Rogue stared at him, her eyes wide with wounded feelings. She had long known of his core of steel, but had so seldom seen it directed at her or at anyone other than their enemies that it's revelation here and now surprised her. He smiled tightly at her, leaning forward to kiss her in apology. She snaked an arm around his neck, holding him close for a long instant, searching his dark gaze.

"What's gotten into ya, sugah?" she said, her voice faint.

"Remy don' share," he said harshly. Then he glared over at Joseph. "You mine too. Don' forget it." Joseph and Rogue traded wary, confused looks, but Remy broke it by lifting her under him and moving her across the bed, away from Joseph. Rising to his knees, he turned to the other man and caught his long hair again, pulling him toward him by that painful tether. Joseph rose to meet him with a hissed intake of breath.

Remy glared at Rogue when she started to move toward them again, his expression savage. "Stay dere, petite." She froze, her expression startled and cowed. Then Remy turned to Joseph and caught his face between his hands, staring into the other man's eyes. Joseph's hands came up to hold the imprisioning wrists, meeting his gaze calmly, if with narrowed eyes.

Remy was all lean strength and slender form, almost small beside the bulky Joseph, but as Rogue watched in wide-eyed fascination, it was immediately clear who was in control.

"You wan' touch ma chèrie 'gain, I fuck you first," Remy said before leaning close and kissing Joseph hard. She saw Joseph's eyes close, his hands flex on Remy's wrist and sighed in sympathy. There wasn't anything quite like Remy LeBeau's kiss; skilled, knowing, wonderful. She squirmed slightly on the bed, enflamed anew by watching them. Joseph let go of Remy's wrists, his hands rising to the other man's shoulders, holding on. Remy kissed him for a long time, taking his time and staking his claim on the other man. Joseph was shuddering when Remy finally pulled away from him, his erection bobbing between them eagerly.

"Dat's right, mon ami, give you'self to Remy. He take care of you," Remy crooned, running his hands down Joseph's chest. Joseph's eyes opened briefly, the normally clear gray eyes cloudy with bemused desire. Rogue bit her lip, her hands slipping down her body to press between her own thighs. She was still sopping wet with the combined result of their previous loving. Her hands made a soft sucking noise as she explored herself, caught up in watching them. Remy's gaze flicked toward her, a smile touching his lips before he caught Joseph's arm and turned the man toward her.

"Watch her, mon ami, she know what Remy do here," he said quietly. "He make bot' of you his now." Joseph's eyes opened to see Rogue touching herself, her mouth open slightly and her tounge stroking her upper lip. He shuddered, feeling LeBeau pressed against his side, his mind in a strange haze of desire generated by the Cajun's possessive words, his knowing touch, his bewildering kisses, all lingering doubts banished. Remy was lean and hot beside him, his erection hard against the back of Joseph's thighs. Remy bent him over then, lowering him toward Rogue. Gray gaze met emerald green and Rogue stretched up to kiss him eagerly, her mouth damp from her own tounge and swollen by earlier kisses. Remy's hands tightened on his hips, positioning him, then he reached over and stroked Rogue. She groaned into Joseph's mouth, her body arching wildly up toward the two men, her eyes closing in pleasure. Joseph's eyes closed as well, savoring the taste of her, the sound of her enjoyment.

Then Joseph's eyes flashed opened in alarm to feel the hot slickness of Remy's hand between his buttocks, stroking their combined juices into him, preparing him. He'd heard the words, understood the intent, but the reality was still surprising. He groaned into Rogue's mouth, his hands clenching tightly into the tumbled sheets. Strong, lean hands bracketed his hips, pulling him back, and he felt pressure and stretching, gentle at first then nearly painful, despite the amount of fluid Remy had rubbed into him. He groaned deeply lifting his mouth off Rogue's to wince, tensing against the other man's invasion. Rogue lifted her slick hands to his face, pulling his mouth eagerly back down to hers. Her lips hot, her slender tongue working eagerly in his mouth; the scent of their previous passion rose around them, filled his nostrils, exciting him, enticing him.

"Relax, chèr," Remy crooned pausing to let him adjust, to relax before pushing further inside him. Joseph moaned into Rogue's mouth and she swallowed the sound, her hands stroking his face, his neck, her body writhing under him. Remy pressed relentlessly inside him, filling him until he thought he couldn't take any more, crying out against Rogue's mouth. But then he felt Remy's hips hot against his buttocks and he was filled and stretched. The other man bent over him, stroking his long hair, kissing his shoulders.

"Easy der, mon ami, easy. Dat's all there is - can you feel how far Remy inside you? Feel good, neh?" The husky voice whispered into his ear, then broke slightly, making it somehow easier to bear the unfamiliar sensation. "Mon Dieu, Joseph, you feel good." Remy held himself still for a moment, trembling, then looked beyond Joseph's shoulder into Rogue's half-lidded emerald eyes.

"Touch him, chère," he ordered her, glittering promise in his demon's eyes. Her hands slid obligingly down Joseph's damp chest and stomach, circling his hardness with both hands. Joseph jerked up against Remy's body, but couldn't get far. He was impaled and surrounded; the woman he loved under him, stroking him with enthusiasm, the man who loved her too piercing him, possessing him.

"Damn it, LeBeau," he groaned deeply in surrender, closing his eyes. Remy chuckled, then slid out a little before pushing back. Gently, easily. Then he changed angle, striking some part of Joseph that made the other man cry out in ecstasy. Joseph was shaking, his breathing harsh, unexpected pleasure spearing through him with each of Remy's thrusts, adding to the delirium of Rogue's strokes.

He breathlessly caught Rogue's mouth with his own, feeling her breasts under his chest, her sweet hands stroking him. He braced himself with trembling arms. Remy was covering him, pumping in him with deeper strokes now, striking that place deep inside that sent pleasure spiraling through him until he thought his heart would burst, his lungs freeze.

He moaned helplessly as he spent his seed once again, all over Rogue's slender hands this time. She gasped in response, little panting breaths coming from her. He shifted away from her mouth, burying his face in her throat, feeling the hard Genoshan collar against his forehead as Remy surged into him, the Cajun's breath coming in deep gasps as well. Then Joseph felt the pulse of Remy's ejaculation inside him, the final deep thrust and heard the harsh sound the other man made as he came, his hands locking fiercely around Joseph's hips.

"Remy don' share, ma petites, he have you both now."

The fiercely whispered words sent a shiver through him. Like a promise, or a threat. But they collapsed together in a sweaty, tangled heap, exhaused and sated. All three of them, together.

* * * * *

The X-Men fought in the Danger Room, training furiously. Cyclops blasted the wall above the last of two Sentinels, collapsing the side of the building on the machine and crushing it, unaware that Joseph was moving up swiftly behind it. Rogue called out a shocked warning, too late, as the white-haired man disappeared under a hail of concrete and brick. Gambit flipped over the edge of the shattered roof, charging a larger-than-usual chunk of brick and launching it at the remaining Sentinel as he fell toward the ground below, catching a flagpole and spinning around it to slow his descent. The explosion took the machine in the shoulder joint, cracking the housing. Above him, Storm saw the weakness and seared the exposed internal electronics with lightning, destroying it.

Joseph rose suddenly from under the rubble, his magnetic shield falling away, panting heavily. Rogue was above him in the air, her beautiful face concerned. "Joe! Ya okay?" she called down. Then he was bowled over by a flying form before he could raise his shield again. Gambit pressed him to the ground, his red-on-black glare savage.

"Fool!" he snarled, then kissed him hard. Shocked, Joseph felt his arms automatically go around the other man and he returned the hard kiss despite the presence of the rest of the X-Men. Remy pulled away finally and leaped nimbly to his feet, offering a hand to help him up, his expression still angry. Joseph staggered to his feet as Rogue landed beside him, her gloved hand touching his shoulder and her concerned gaze searching his own. He nodded to her, indicating he was unhurt. Except for his throbbing lips. Gambit had not been gentle.

"Gambit!" Cyclops yelled, his tone shocked. Remy glared at their leader, unrepentant. Jean stood at Cyclops' side her hands over her mouth to hide what he suspected was a grin. It was hard to keep things from a telepath, he thought wryly through his fading fear-induced rage.

"Back off, mon ami," he snarled then pointed at the two of them where they stood, Joseph with his arm around Rogue's slender waist. "Dey bot' mine."

Cyclops stared at them in stunned amazement, silenced for once. Remy smiled smugly and moved closer to them, brushing his gloved fingers over Rogue's face. She smiled back at him tremulously, her arm flexing around Joseph's, uncertain how to respond before their friends. Storm landed gracefully beyond them, her expression troubled.

"Joseph? Rogue?" she said looking between the three of them in some confusion.

"'S'okay Stormy," Gambit said with one of his usual charming grins. She shot him an icy look.

"Do not call me that," she said grimly. "And I was not speaking to you, Gambit."

"It's all right, Storm," Joseph said quietly. "We . . . understand each other."

Rogue reached up with a slight frown and slid her gloved fingers briefly over Joseph's swelling lip. "Ah think ya scared Remy, sugah," she said quietly. "Ya scared me too." Joseph raised a magnetic shield around her and bent his head, his forehead pressed reassuringly against hers. She hugged him close.

Remy just watched them, to the shock of the rest of the X-Men, a faintly proprietary smile on his face. Then he moved close to them, taking advantage of Joseph's shield to twist Rogue's face toward himself and kiss her deeply. She draped a hand around each man's neck, her fingers flexing sensuously. Joseph dropped his head onto Remy's shoulder and sighed contentedly.

"This is outrageous, Gambit . . . all of you. . . " Cyclops said, finally finding his voice again. Jean's grip on his arm tightened, her eyes wide with stunned amazement and poorly concealed mirth.

Gambit lifted his head, looking deeply into Rogue's shimmering green eyes. Then he glanced at Joseph's cool gray ones close by, his red-on-black gaze sharp and possessive.

"Dis is none of your business, Cyclops. You wanted us t' stop fightin'?" he glanced down at a pleased Rogue, then back at Joseph again and all three of them exchanged secret, knowing smiles. "Well, we worked dis all out just fine 'tween ourselves."

- - fin - -