I'm Not Alone In My Head, But He Is

Author: Tom Riddilpley
Publication Date: Sunday, January 13, 2002
Rating: PG

A/N: From Marie's POV. Hints of what could be seen as very mild m/m. Stream-of-thought, just trying to get an idea across. Doesn't really have a plot, and not much of an ending either. If you have suggestions, tell me -- I'm thinking about re-writing it. X-Men aren't mine, unfortunately.

Iím Not Alone in My Head, But He Is

It starts out as a normal enough mission Ė not even anything all that spectacular, which is why they let me come along. Jean and the Professor had been training me in how to touch somebody and then go through the bits of them that ended up in my head, to look for something in particular. Thereís some guy weíre after, on this one, who knows something about Magneto -- how he escaped or something, Iím not sure exactly what -- and they figured this was a good way for me to practice my "new control over my power".

It isnít even that hard to catch the guy, and weíre just getting set up for me to touch him when Logan hears something behind us and we figure out the guyís got a friend with him.

A friend who just happens to be able to shoot fire out of his fingertips.

And the guy hits the Professor, who shouldnít really even have been there.

And all of a sudden Iím screaming words in a language I donít know as Erik surges to the front of my mind, pushing Marie aside without stopping to look at her. And tears are running down my face and why wonít Logan let me forward and oh, gods itís so familiar even though Marieís never been here before, because Erik has and itís Erik whoís screaming now, Erik who canít break free from that unbelievably strong grip, and why is Mr. Summersí visor in my hand and why are the cars shaking and straining towards me and oh, God, Charles, if theyíve hurt him IĎll kill them because it would kill me and then it all goes black and my last thought is please donít let him be gone because Iíll still be here, why havenít I died Iím so aloneÖ


In his plastic prison Magneto tosses in his bed as though gripped by the nightmares that wonít leave him alone even when he goes to sleep.