by paxnirvana
Rating:  NC-17
Pairing: Gambit/Rogue/Joseph
Archive: Ask first.

Author's Note: Okay – this is mostly plot-less, explicit smut to help clear my mind and get it back into writing mode again - all my more serious stories are on hold since last Tuesday’s horrible events. I’ve just got to shake these blues somehow. . . and smut seems to be the easiest way to do it! 9/21/01

Many thanks to: GlamourGhoul for reminding me just exactly how *hot* Remy LeBeau is - and for asking me to beta her wonderful story which helped snap my own downward spiral. . . and yes, sweetie, this is EXACTLY why the comic-fangirls exist!

Oh yeah, I even managed to work in a Money Shot. . . *grin* Score! Another challenge down! Me bad!

Late Note: And then this story got lost on a disk for two weeks – don’t ‘reorganize’ your office when you’re depressed and tired! 10/6/01

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* * * * *

And how I’ve loved
And I have served
And I have sinned
But I have learnt
As long as you are true to the life that you live
This is the time to feel love
I feel a stirring deep within
Slowly picking up momentum
Like the tide coming in to shore
Over and under in its course

By Delerium, Lyrics by Jacqui Hunt

* * * * *

Joseph sat in darkness, shivering with anticipation. He could see nothing. The mask strapped snug over his eyes insured that. But he could hear every noise they made: the low breathy moans, the rub of flesh on flesh, the glide of bodies over sleek fabric, the quiet shifting of the bed. And with his magnetic powers he could feel them. The sharp, cool aura of Rogue, alien and yet so very strong, even under the influence of a dampening collar. The burning flicker of Gambit, filled with strange bright energy. They were close together, beside him, auras intertwined, mingled, nearly one. He groaned at the heated images that brought to his tortured mind.

They were almost close enough to touch. Almost. If he was free. But he wasn’t. Naked. Blindfolded. Securely bound to a sturdy, straight-backed chair set close beside Rogue’s bed. Arms straight down at his sides, legs held open. Exposed. His erection hard and aching between his tense thighs. Listening to them. Just listening to them. Why had he agreed to this sweet torment? This strange game? Was it the wicked persuasiveness of Gambit? Or the faintly scandalized curiosity of Rogue? His lovers. His tormentors.

He bit back a choked cry as he helplessly listened to Rogue say, “Remy, ah, gawd, Ah’m gonna. . .” Her urgent words silenced abruptly and without a doubt by Gambit’s mouth. That talented mouth. He swallowed hard and strained to hear more. Soft, wet sounds came from beside him. Lips parting? Bodies moving together? The mental images taunted him, and he strained against the bonds that held him. The sound of creaking leather echoed loud in the charged silence. A low voice laced with rich amusement sounded close to him, closer than it had in a while, and he had to fight not to tremble too hard.

“Easy, chère,” Gambit said, voice like the smoothest of silks. “Y’ making Joe squirm again.”

“Remy, don’t stop – please!” Rogue’s voice cracked with desperate need, heedless of his advice. Joseph could hear someone moving on the bed, bodies sliding slowly over each other, a deep sigh of pleasure from Rogue. Something brushed against his taut hip. A foot? A calf? Sensitized by denial, almost aching for contact he flinched involuntarily at the touch. A low moan came from him despite his best intentions.

“Should I finish her, Joe?” Gambit asked with deceptive ease, attention now finally split away from the woman in his arms to the man waiting eagerly for his own turn. The question surprising after so long a silence. He’d listened to them make love once already. A long process for Gambit, as always. The Cajun took his time, employing all his considerable skill to thoroughly pleasure his partner. And Joseph only listened. Listened to the rhythmic squeak of bedsprings, the whispered endearments, the wet slap of flesh on flesh, the familiar high keening noise Rogue made as she came to orgasm. He’d almost come himself, when he heard that sound. Almost. He swallowed hard, trying to bring moisture back into his dry mouth. Aware that Gambit was still waiting for his answer. His head turned blindly toward the bed, seeking the source of that teasing voice, and even his own long hair brushing against his naked back as he turned shot a tremor of longing through him.

“Yes, Remy,” Joseph said, his voice thin with his own tormented need. Not wanting to beg, but unable to do anything else by this point. He wanted. . . he needed. . . “Please finish her. Then me. Please, I need to. . .”

Gambit laughed, and it was low and full of wicked promise, the rich sound spreading through the room like a dark caress. Rogue moaned in response. Joseph did as well. They could both hear the sensual promise in that tone. Both knew it would be fulfilled.

Non,” Gambit said, moving closer, a long hand settling on Joseph’s taut thigh, stroking his quivering flesh gently, soothingly. Making him shudder deeply again, gasping. “Do y’ t’ink Joe’s been good enough, chère?”

“Oh, he’s been very good, Remy,” Rogue said, her voice low and husky with edgy desire. “Stayin’ so quiet an’ all. Poor Joe.” Then she gave a yelp of surprise and the bed creaked and shifted vigorously beside him. Joseph both heard and felt their tumbling approach. He braced himself for a hard impact, but instead, soft, slender hands touched him. He almost flinched anyway, shocked by touch after being so long denied. Rogue’s hands caressed the heated flesh of his chest as she slid carefully into his lap. He moaned in delight. At last. His erection pulsed, trapped against her smooth belly. She was damp and hot against him. Warm from Gambit’s arms. The thought didn’t distress him, indeed it excited him. He’d listened to their pleasure before, heard her call to him as well as Remy as she came. She pressed toward him, her arms slipping around his neck, her lips finding his mouth eagerly. He kissed her like a drowning man given air.

“Isn’t he beautiful like dis, chère?” Gambit asked, his voice a husky purr from close by, but moving as if he was circling them. A hand trailed across Joseph’s shoulders, down his arm, across Rogue to his knee on the other side of her, stopping in front of him. The touches made him quiver. “All dis pale skin wrapped up by black leather straps? Tres jolie, non?”

Rogue made a husky sound of agreement deep in her throat but she didn’t pull away from Joseph. Moist, hot, clever, her tongue fenced with his own. He wanted. . . he needed. . . she lifted up abruptly, uttering a brief squeak of surprise into his mouth and he could feel strong hands under her thighs, reaching, bracing her. He gasped as Gambit’s knowing hand slid around his aching cock, positioning it at Rogue’s entrance.

Joseph groaned into her mouth. Wanting. Desperate. Bound and still unable to draw her close as he longed so badly to do. Completely at their mercy. And he well knew they had none. Rogue slid slowly, deliberately up, her heavy breasts rubbing over his hard chest, her body slick with sweat and other fluids, then abruptly down again, guided unerringly by Gambit, her body closing over his.

Joseph threw his head back, teeth gritted in mingled pleasure and shock. Heaven. Tight, wet heat. He was so hard and had been so long denied, that it almost hurt when she took him. He panted harshly, head rolling against the chair back. Rogue’s hands cupped his face tenderly, stopping his motion. She crooned to him encouragingly, her lips ghosting across his chin, his throat, his mouth, tongue darting out to taste him eagerly. Then she rose up, her feet braced one on the floor beside them, the other on the bed. Then she slammed herself down on him. Hard. She gasped and Joseph bit back a cry. Pleasure, sharp and bright, flashed behind his eyes.

He felt Gambit kneel between his bound legs, clever hands stroking his tense thighs as Rogue rode him. Hard. Demanding. Drawing herself up over and over again, coming down on him without mercy, driving him deep into her wet, clinging heat. She began to moan, to pant, her own head apparently thrown back as he could feel the ends of her hair brush against his knees with each stroke. Then Gambit’s hands were between them. Cupping her full breasts, making her gasp and moan. Sounds that were cut off as Gambit apparently kissed her, his legs hot against Joseph, his hard cock pressing insistently against his ribs. Those clever hands teased her peaked nipples, then brushed knowingly across Joseph’s chest as well, seeking. Finding and twisting his flat nipples until he nearly screamed, biting back the sounds.

And Remy was talking to them both in a low, husky voice like syrup, dark and rich and tempting. His accent thickening, his hands stroking them both, everywhere. Telling them how beautiful they were together, how incredible, how erotic. Encouraging Rogue as she began to make little desperate cries of pleasure, of need. Soothing Joseph as she worked him without mercy. Gambit’s hand slid down between them, earning a sharp cry of delight from Rogue as he teased her.

Joseph gritted his teeth, enduring. He wanted it to last forever, yet was afraid it would. He’d been denied nearly too long, his balls aching with the need for release, but his cock now so stimulated that he almost couldn’t stand it. Rogue rode him like a wild thing now, her breasts bouncing against him, her hands winding in his long hair, pulling it forward, drawing on it, wrapping it around her sweat-slicked body. He could hear the heavy slap of the neutralizer collar against her collarbones and brief concern filled him. She wasn’t invulnerable right now, she could be bruised.

“Rogue!” he cried. “Take care. . .” But she just rose up and came down hard again, like lightning, sleek and wild, driving him deep, driving the concern from his mind, the breath from his lungs. He strained against his bonds again, broad shoulders flexing, thighs straining, limbs pulling against firm leather. She was magnificent – if only he could see her. He might have said that aloud. More begging, he knew, but he just didn’t care.

“Yes,” she said, working herself up him again, then down. So tight, so deep. “Oh, Joe! Ah want ya ta look at me. Ta see me!”

Long fingers plucked at the straps of the mask as if in response to his wish and her words, finally drawing it away. Joseph blinked into the dim light with surprise. Seeing Rogue’s pale skin, her lovely breast right before him just as a masculine hand caught his chin, twisting his head cruelly away from the woman over him, to where Gambit crouched on the floor beside them, red-on-black eyes glittering with wicked promise. He stared deeply into those eyes. Remembering other nights, darker pleasures at this man’s hands. His lover. Both of them. His. Remy smiled at the acknowledgement that flashed through his eyes, his need. Then Remy leaned forward and kissed him deeply, lips hard, tongue probing. Devouring him. Marking him. He groaned in protest as Rogue’s hands tangled in his hair, tugging him away from Remy. Then she was kissing him, by comparison her lips gentle and tender after Remy’s harsh assault.

“Mine now, sugah,” she growled into his mouth. Beside them Remy chuckled, the sound knowing yet still possessive. Rogue laughed joyously in response, cupping Joseph’s chin, tilting his head back as she rose over him. He could only watch, mesmerized by the satisfied gleam in her green eyes, the subtle smile curling her passion-swollen lips. She was stunningly beautiful. Womanly, powerful, untamed. He nearly slid free of her body as she paused with just the end of his twitching cock still inside her. She hovered there, teasing, taunting, until the desperate plea in his eyes, the whispered words drawn from his lips lured her down again, but slowly. So slowly. He groaned deeply, nearly at the edge. Pleading for ease, for release. For mercy.

She met his mouth with her own again, drinking deep from his mouth. Sweet. He moaned into her mouth, eyes fluttering shut despite the blindfold’s removal.

“Y’ ready, Joe?” Remy purred next to his ear as Rogue pulled back. He groaned, nodding and opening his eyes. Rogue was watching him, a secretive smile on her face, her green eyes sparkling. She glanced briefly at Remy, then began to ride him again, and Joseph groaned once more. Pleasure so bright, so sharp it was almost pain. The feel of her against him, her breasts, her thighs, so close, so hot. Such sweet torment. Despite it all he needed more. Rogue watched him, a commiserating smile on her face, until she shifted position and her own pleasure rose, her eyes clamped shut as she lost herself in the feel of him deep inside of her. He couldn’t look away from her. So sensual. Why had it taken her so long to realize her own nature?

But his musings were interrupted as firm male hands slid down his legs to his inner thighs, teasing him, trailing along the trembling skin as muscular shoulders pushed between his knees. A brief brush of lean fingers against him under Rogue’s rocking hips. He bit his lip in anticipation then threw his head back and shouted as Remy’s mouth found the tender, sweat-soaked skin under his scrotum and sucked hard. Lightning struck. With a roar, Joseph surged up, against his bonds. White fire tore through him – pleasure and pain and need all narrowed to a seemingly endless gush of fluid as it poured from his body and into Rogue. She froze above him, keening, and he felt the tremors of her own orgasm seize her, squeezing him mercilessly as trembling, shaking they came together.

Rogue fell against him, limp, her breathing quick and hard, her arms draped over his shoulders, her face nestled against his neck. He was limp too – finally granted release, he collapsed back against the chair, wishing, suddenly, that he could cuddle her against him on the bed and just fall into oblivion. But Remy’s hands were stroking across them both, his low voice praising them, not letting either of them relax completely.

“So beautiful, mes amours, such a lovely show,” he said, his voice tight with emotion. “Both of you, so very, very beautiful.” Remy rolled Joseph’s head to the side, brushing back long damp strands of white hair from his face with gentle tenderness before he kissed him, slowly and thoroughly, hands lowering, tugging. Suddenly Joseph’s hands were free and he raised trembling arms to encircle first Rogue on his lap, then Remy at his side, pressing them both close. Remy pulled away from his mouth to lift Rogue’s chin and kiss her too, making her moan softly in response.

“Remy. . . Joe,” she breathed, her eyes fluttering open only to fall slowly shut again. Satisfied. Content. Joseph snuggled her closer against him even as he felt Remy bend over him to release his ankles from the chair.

“Move over, mes amies,” Remy said sharply, the words a clear order. The two of them opened heavy eyes, responding to that tone from years of experience despite their satiated state. Green eyes stared into gray, filled with warmth and contentment. Joseph pulled her close, hugging her tightly, reluctant to move. He didn’t want to leave her yet. But Remy was insistent.

“C’mon, chère,” he said, drawing Rogue away slowly. “More comfortable on de bed. For Joe too.” She cupped Joseph’s face in her hands and kissed him as Remy pulled them apart, both of them gasping in regret as he slid out of her.

“Oh, but Ah wanted ta stay there, Remy,” she complained softly, a moue of dismay crossing her face. Remy just smiled at her, brushed a hand quickly over her lips and settled her on the bed, moving her slack body around with ease. Joseph watched with exhausted bemusement as Remy then turned to him and tugged him onto the bed as well. It wasn’t as easy for the slender acrobat to move his relaxed bulk, Joseph noted, but he managed it with some grace despite the differences in size. He was strong. Remy fell down between them, snuggling Rogue under one arm and laying his own head on Joseph’s outflung arm, leaning against his chest. Rogue seemed to have almost instantly fallen asleep, exhausted by her exertions. While weary and drained, Joseph found himself glancing down in surprise as he felt Remy’s erection press against his thigh.

“Don’t you want. . .” he began, frowning in sudden concern, but Remy reached up and laid two fingers over his lips to silence him, a smugly pleased smile on his own face.

“Time t’ rest now,” Remy said, shrugging gently. Rogue muttered and shifted against him, but settled right back down when he whispered softly in her ear, her arm sliding around his waist in response. He stroked her hair tenderly for a moment, just holding her close. A serene expression graced Rogue’s face. Remy looked up again, catching Joseph’s tender gray gaze, his lips curving with the most subtle of pleased smiles.

“De two of you were encroyable, mon amour. Vraiment.” His red-on-black eyes gleamed with deep satisfaction and a sense of gleeful wonder. Joseph marveled at that. Gambit had never seemed the type to share, and indeed, it appeared that in his own mind it wasn’t really sharing, since he considered both of them his own.

So, he belonged to Gambit.

It was an idea that simultaneously warmed him and gave him pause. Remy wanted him, Joseph, as much as it seemed he’d once wanted Rogue alone. But in the weeks they’d spent together, Joseph had seldom been given the opportunity to ponder his own feelings about their odd arrangement. He wasn’t quite sure why he was thinking about it now.

They’d fallen into it, somehow, after that one reckless night, fallen into being together, the three of them. They’d gone to bed the second time, much to his surprise, at Rogue’s insistence. As if Rogue, once any idea of a ‘normal’ relationship with just one of them was gone, could finally let go and just enjoy herself. Even without her Kree powers, she was nearly insatiable. It almost took two of them to keep up with her. Well, at least Joseph comforted himself with that illusion. He knew, deep in his heart, that Remy was more than up to Rogue’s demands. But she was far more relaxed still around the two of them than she was around each of them alone, even now that the threat of violence between them was gone. However, he and Remy were far more likely lately to kiss than to try to kill each other.

It was confusing.

Rogue he cared for, obviously. But with Remy it was harder to understand, the attraction between them. As little as he could remember of his past, he didn’t think his past preferenceshad included men. But then again, he wasn’t repulsed by Remy. Quite the opposite. Yet it was the same with Rogue. Another mystery. He was willing, however, despite the barely cloaked disapproval of some of their teammates, to see this strange arrangement to the end. Perhaps this would be the only way Rogue would ever find a semblance of happiness. And he found, when he looked into his heart, that her happiness was far more important than his own.

He blinked a few times, coming out of his thoughts. The last one chasing itself around in his mind. Was he unhappy? He glanced into the now sober and thoughtful red-on-black eyes watching him closely from beside him in the bed.

“It just hit you, mon amour?” Remy asked quietly. Joseph let a tiny ironic smile twist his lips.

“You say those words so easily, so casually, LeBeau,” he said quietly, stroking Rogue’s hair where it lay spilled over Remy’s shoulder. She snored softly in her sleep. And he’d never tell her that. “Do you really mean them?”

Remy’s eyes narrowed, heat flaring in them as the volatile thief took instant offense. And Joseph knew a moment of sharp regret for his careless words. They’d both been feeling so good. Why did he have to spoil it?

“Actually, Joseph,” Remy spat his full name with quiet venom. “I hate your guts. Is dat what you want t’ hear?”

“Do you?” Joseph closed his eyes wearily, feeling a sharp sinking inside himself, a sense of inexplicable loss. He could feel the outrage and tension in Gambit’s lean body where he was pressed to his side. And strangely enough, the other man was still hard as a rock. It gave him a thrill even as it made him feel vaguely guilty. For not helping him out? Or for wanting to? Should the two of them have nothing without Rogue involved? And why did the thought of that cause him a pang?

Non,” Remy said with a weary sigh, the flash of anger disappearing as quickly as it had risen, and raised a graceful hand to rub wearily at his eyes for a moment before letting the hand fall casually onto Joseph’s bare stomach. “But most likely I do hate da man you resemble.” After a moment the other man’s hand began to smooth back and forth across his taut skin in an apparently absent manner. He felt his muscles jump in response to the idle caress.

“So you no longer believe I am Magneto?” Joseph asked curiously, trying to hide his sudden breathlessness.

Non,” Remy said, his gaze intent, watchful.


Remy laughed, the sound more of a soft, rueful chuckle, low enough not to disturb the sleeping Rogue.

“Ol’ Mags would never let anyone do some of de t’ings I’ve done wit’ you, Joseph. No matter how good dey felt,” Remy flashed his charming grin for an instant, then sobered. “Magneto can’t give up control t’ anyone else, ever, not even in fun. It’s not his way.” Joseph stared at him blankly for a moment, not sure if he should be insulted or not. Magneto, after all, was apparently a very evil man. But what, then, did that make him?

He didn’t know, but he was starting to feel vaguely defensive. And angry.

“So let me get this clear, it’s just because I let you tie me to a chair – not to mention fuck me – that you finally believe I’m not Magneto?” he asked with dangerous intensity. A tiny smile hovered at the corner of Remy’s sensuous mouth. Joseph found himself glancing down at that mouth more than he cared to. It was hard to glare and stay angry when you just wanted to kiss the one antagonizing you senseless. Or just wanted to find out if you could.

C’est vrai,” Remy said, with an insolent lift of one brow. “Ol’ Mags, he’s one sexy man. Can’t say the t’ought of fucking him hasn’t crossed my mind before. But you ain’t him.” A quick grin followed these outrageous statements.

Outrage flared in Joseph’s eyes, widening them. He clamped his hand down over Remy’s where it lay on his stomach and glared at him. He felt his perceptions fluctuate into that strange realm where magnetic patterns seemed more real than physical objects to him. He could see patterns, lines around Gambit, lines of force and energy tied to the very elements of his blood. And he knew he could stop them with the barest thought. The frightening idea made him shiver inside. He didn’t want to kill Remy. He wanted. . .

“Is that the only reason you want me?” Joseph hissed, leaning over Remy. White hair falling forward to mingle with auburn, like the woman beside them. Remy just looked up into his angry face, unafraid, the charmingly insolent smile he habitually wore in battle now fixed on his handsome face.

Handsome. Damn it. He was supposed to be angry, Joseph thought in disgust. And he was. Or, rather, jealous. Of Magneto. Of himself, somehow. To hell with it. First Rogue, now Remy. Would he be in competition with his alter ego forever?

“So, now you’re liking the idea dat Remy wants t’ fuck you, hein? And before, you weren’t so sure, non?” Remy said coolly, watching him even as he held the obliviously sleeping Rogue against his side. He made no effort to retrieve the hand that Joseph held so tightly. Or gave any sign that the brutal grip was hurting him. That elegant, skilled hand. But it had to be.

Looking down at his white-knuckled fingers, he consciously let his grip ease. Then he glanced at Remy again and was caught by those red-on-black eyes. There was something there in the back of them, something like the expectation of pain, the acceptance of loss, and perhaps faintly, even, a wary hope.

“’Mon amour’ means ‘my love’, doesn’t it?” he said quietly.

Oui,” Remy answered softly. Rogue stirred in Gambit’s arms, turning over, green gaze meeting his first. Joseph was shocked to realize that she was awake. Had been awake. Embarassment stained his cheeks with red. Then she looked at him.

“Ah, Joe,” she said softly, reaching up and stroking his face. There was empathy and compassion and fierce need in those brilliant green eyes. He wanted to drown in them. Disappear into them. Deep pools of green. He glanced briefly aside. Into the wicked promise of red-on-black. Hell.

“This is. . . “ he shook his head hard and rolled over, trying to get some space, unable to complete a thought, much less any more words with the two of them touching him.

“Crazy. Insane. Wrong,” Rogue interjected, the bitterly spoken words stopping him cold. He froze on the edge of the bed and almost instantly felt her slender, naked body press up against his back. “Ah know. Ah hear them. The rest of the X-Men, they all think we’re playing some sick game with each other. . . or that Ah’m havin’ my cake and eatin’ it too.”

She laughed shortly, the sound harsh and dark. Not a sound he liked to hear from her.

“And they just might be right,” she said.

Then she slipped around him to the floor, going down on her knees in front of him, looking up at him through the veil of his long white hair, her eyes shimmering with angry tears. But she didn’t let them fall. He felt Remy move behind him as well, his lean body a warm reassuring weight against his back, and a hand slid around Joseph to lightly brush, then trail down Rogue’s cheek. She smiled weakly.

“But ya know what, Joe? Ah’ve never been happier than these last few weeks, with the two of ya. Strange isn’t it?” She glanced at Remy then, her gaze softening slightly. “Ah guess it wouldn’t work at all if ya didn’t have some kind of . . . feelings for each other too. So who’s getting hurt? It ain’t like the rest of the world wouldn’t spit on us just for being mutants anyway, much less for the three of us shackin’ up together.”

“So we’re perverted mutants and doubly scorned.”

“Whatever,” she shrugged, a slight flush of her own detracting from her defiant words. “Ah don’t care anymore. Ah just know Ah want you, an’ Ah want Remy an Ah don’t want ta choose between ya.” He searched her face, seeing the truth as she felt it shining in her eyes. But it could still change, he knew. Life did that. It changed. People changed. Perhaps it was enough to enjoy this strange interlude while it lasted. And to keep the peace if and when it finally fell apart.

Rogue laid her hands on his thighs, moving them back and forth slowly. Her small pink tongue came out to sweep across her lower lip in a quick, furtive motion. Then she glanced up at him, her eyes sparkling.

“Besides, an’ Ah don’t know why, but seein’ the two of ya together just turns me right on,” she said with a quick, guilty smile. “An’ Ah was getting’ those kinda dreams long before ya two idiots decided ta get drunk an’ play games with me.”

“Ah, I sense intrigue, mon ami,” Remy said from beside him. Joseph looked over at him, through the fall of his own hair, catching the other man’s amused glance. And felt a hot thrill shoot through him as well. Rogue apparently liked what they did to each other as much as they did. He’d worried, in a vague kind of way, about that very thing. Remy gave him a dangerous grin, as if he understood his fears completely, then turned his attention on Rogue.

“Perhaps, mon coeur, you’ll share some of dose dreams wit’ us?” Remy asked, his voice lowering to a seductive purr. Joseph felt his pulse jump, his blood rushing in response. Rogue gasped and blushed too.

“Ah – Ah couldn’t, Remy,” she said, blushing harder as she glanced at Joseph, catching sight of his renewed interest stirring between his legs. Then she made the mistake of looking directly into Remy’s eyes and was caught, unable to tear her gaze away. Her full lips parted in reaction and he smiled at her like a cat in cream.

“Ah, petite, you have no reason t’ blush. Not after some of de t’ings we’ve already done.” He moved closer to her, catching her hand in his and carrying it to his mouth. “So tell us what y’ want, mon coeur, and we’ll do our best t’ make your dreams come true.” It looked as if he was going to kiss the back of her hand, but at the last instant he slowly turned her hand over and pressed his lips to the inside of her wrist. Her eyes fluttered closed and she groaned softly. A shudder passed through her and her nipples peaked. Joseph shot Remy an incredulous look.

“Remy, Ah couldn’t. . . Ah don’t know. . . ” she moaned on a long drawn-out breath. He smiled against her skin.

“Part of the fun is in the telling, mon coeur,” he said, his breath whispering across the tender skin of her wrist, making her shudder and squirm. Joseph just watched, entranced. Remy just had her by the hand. And with his voice, of course. And it already looked like she was about ready to pounce on him again. “What do y’ want us t’ do, mon coeur? Is it t’ you?”

She lifted her face, blushing hard as she glanced at Joseph. He tried to smile reassuringly at her, around his own eager interest, but it must have come off as less so, since she blushed harder.

“No, not really,” she said, biting her full lower lip. She glanced at Joseph again, her gaze pleading. He took pity on her, but he was fully under the spell of Remy’s voice as well. Anything seemed possible, even expected, when Gambit spoke that way.

“It is something you want us to do to each other?” he asked her softly. Remy shot him a reproving look, vaguely annoyed to have his teasing spoiled, then slid off the bed to tug Rogue to her feet beside him. Joseph looked up at the two of them, momentarily nonplused. They seemed to fit so well together, Rogue, her white stripe shining in the dim light, looking up at Remy, his tall frame bent over her solicitously, tanned arms wrapped around her creamy pale flesh. Eyes only for each other. Only the bulky collar around her neck spoiled the image of perfect romance. And the devilish glitter in Gambit’s eye.

“If you want t’ see us do these things, mon coeur, y’ have t’ tell us what y’ would have us do,” he said, his voice a husky velvet brush along both of their nerves. “Isn’t dat right, Joseph?” Joseph could only nod in agreement, spellbound. Rogue sighed in reluctant defeat.

“Ah don’t want to offend anybody. . .” Remy cut her off with a gentle kiss, his arms sliding up her back slowly. He pulled away after a long, silent moment, leaving her dazed.

“Not’ing y’ could dream of, mon coeur, would offend me,” he said reassuringly. She shot him a wicked grin then, her green eyes flashing in sudden challenge.

“Ah think ya forgot somethin’ about me, Remy,” she said tartly. “Ah’ve absorbed a lot of people over the years – including Sabretooth and Wolverine – oh, an’ even you, Swamp Rat, remember? So be careful what ya promise me.” For a brief instant, Remy LeBeau looked disconcerted, but it swiftly faded to be replaced by a positively dangerous smile.

“How could I be afraid of my own dreams, mon coeur, since dey’ve already come true?” he said softly, his hand rising to brush under her chin, trailing back to her neck, cupping her head as he held her in place for another long, slow kiss. She shuddered and moaned in his arms, her hands sliding up his bare arms to get lost in the thick auburn mass of his hair. Joseph watched, envious, aroused again, secretly trying to pick up pointers. He wanted Remy to kiss him like that. He wanted to kiss Rogue like that.

He rose to his feet, looming over both of them, his long hair falling around him almost like a veil.

“I want to help, dearest,” he said, setting a hand on her smooth, satiny hip and leaning toward them. Remy broke the kiss with unhurried deliberation, not looking away until Rogue’s eyes fluttered open dreamily.

“Wh-what’s that, Joe?” she said breathlessly, still staring into Remy’s eyes. Feeling only the tiniest bit neglected, Joseph ran his hand up her back, slowly. Then he put his other hand on Remy’s hip and did the same. Feeling the sleek muscle, the sheer strength of the other man rippling underneath his skin. And wanting again. So soon.

“Twenty questions, my dear,” he said, his gray eyes sparkling with sensual promise in a way he was completely unaware of. Remy hid a pleased smile. “We ask – or we demonstrate – and you say yes or no.”

“Oh,” Rogue said, her eyes wide with the possibilities – most of which involved her not actually having to say the embassing, yet exciting, things she so desperately wanted to have happen – and she nodded, turning toward Joseph in relief. Remy’s hand stayed in her hair. Joseph glanced over at the suspiciously silent Cajun. He’d almost expected Remy to protest, but he seemed content with Joseph’s solution to Rogue’s tongue-tied shyness.

“First question,” he said, looking into Remy’s eyes as he spoke. Lust and mischief and indulgence mingled in the ruby depths. “Do you want to see me kiss Remy like he just kissed you?”

“No, that’s not it. . . ah, well, . . . oh, my,” Rogue said, and her brows rose as she caught on that the questions weren’t just to discover her secret, but to build up to whatever might ultimately happen as well. Her voice lowered, catching slightly. “Yes, that’s one of ‘em. Ah wanna see ya kiss Remy like that.” Then she stepped back and crossed her arms over her breasts. Which was a shame, he briefly noted, before his attention snapped back to Remy. Who seemed to have moved closer while he was distracted.

“Better make it good, Joe,” the Cajun said, his gaze hooded as he stood there with easy grace. All long-limbed, toned, naked flesh. Waiting. For him to make the first move. Joseph swallowed hard. He gathered his hair up and tossed it over his shoulder to get it out of his way, glancing back at Rogue in surprise for her little gasp of pleasure at the sight. He raised a pale brow at her and gave her a crooked smile. She grinned back, then gave an elaborate frown.

“Quit stallin’, sweetie,” she said with forced lightness. But her lips were parted in anticipation and her skin flushed. He grinned, and turned back to find Gambit standing even closer than he remembered. Christ. Why was he nervous now? He must have been kissed by Remy a hundred times in the past few weeks. And that was it, he realized. Remy had done most of the work and he’d allowed himself to be carried along. Determined to change that, he leaned close, letting his own body touch Remy’s. Their mutual erections brushed against each other in a vaguely embarassing way before he slid his leg in between Remy’s. Feeling heat and hardness, drawing the other man against him with an arm around his narrow waist, spreading his broad hand over one cheek of the other man’s tight butt to press him tightly against him. He marveled for an instant, his hand flexing there. Solid muscle. Very little give and then only if Remy relaxed. He’d thought he was fit. Not compared to Remy.

“How do you keep it that way?” he asked as his hand flexed on that hard globe of muscle, his voice pitched too low for Rogue to hear, his breath whispering across Remy’s sensual lips. Remy let one corner of that perfect mouth curl in a smile.

“Lately? By fucking da two of y’ four or five times a day,” Remy breathed in return. “Much more fun dan the Danger Room.” Heat flared. Joseph let his fiery gaze flick up to Remy’s, catching the answering heat there.

“Glad to help out,” he said as he feathered his mouth across Remy’s. Slow, sensual, enticing. He felt Remy’s mouth shudder for an instant, then open to allow him access. He put his other hand in that smooth fall of auburn hair, holding his head in place as he had seen him do with Rogue. Remy’s arms closed around him in return, spreading over his back. And they kissed. Hot. Slow. Sensual. To Joseph it was a revelation. That tenderness between them was possible. That the desire was utterly mutual. Behind them he heard a harshly drawn breath, then Rogue’s low, apprecative, “Oh, my.”

His cock jumped and Remy’s breath hissed in. Joseph pulled away slowly, prying his eyes open to meet Remy’s sensually amused look.

“Not bad, mon ami,” the Cajun thief said quietly, letting his arms fall slowly away as he took one step back, hands trailing slowly off hips. Joseph felt the slick dampness of precome on his thigh, along his own cock. Sighed deeply. He wanted. . .

“Well den, chère,” Remy said. “Time for question number two.” He looked over at a wide-eyed, flushed Rogue, a sly grin tugging at his mouth. “Tell me, petite, would you like to see me go down on Joe?”

She clapped her hands over her mouth to stifle a moan at his bald words and nodded jerkily. Remy smiled at her with tender patience. Then waved an arm gracefully around the room.

“I said da embarassing stuff for you, chère,” he said softly. “Now y’ get t’ set the scene. Where do y’ want us?” She looked around frantically, then with teeth buried in her lower lip came over and caught Joseph by the hand, leading him over to the narrow strip of wall between her bathroom door and the walk-in closet. He followed willingly, gaze glued to the saucy sway of her bare hips. She turned him around and pressed his shoulders against the wall, rubbing herself against him as she did so, her eyes rolling in her head briefly. Her lips parted to release a nearly silent moan of pleasure. He cupped her waist, holding her close for a moment before releasing her to press his hands flat against the wall as she stepped back.

“Ah want Joe here, and you, Remy, oh – Ah want you on your knees here,” she gestured awkwardly at the carpet in front of Joseph’s feet. Remy smiled back at her, then prowled over to them, his strange eyes gleaming. Joseph’s breath caught in his throat. He was all sensuous grace and confidence. Joseph felt his pulse throb in his neck, his wrists; his breath catching at the sight.

Remy stopped beside Rogue, his hand rising to lightly brush her flushed face, a hungry smile replacing the tender one.

“Put me on my knees, chère,” he said wickedly. Joseph, seemingly forgotten against the wall, swallowed hard and let his head fall back with a quiet thud. His heart was pounding wildly in his chest, his rigid cock drooling precome down his leg. He wanted this. Wanted it badly. Silently he begged Rogue to get Remy down there soon or he was afraid he wasn’t going to last.

For a moment, she seemed taken aback, then she grinned mischevously. Abruptly adopting an imperious air worthy of the Empress Lilandra herself, Rogue reached up and wound a hand in Remy’s silky hair. The other hand wrapped slowly, familiarly around his cock. Startled, Remy’s eyes briefly widened, then narrowed and that wicked smile returned.

“On your knees, Gambit,” she hissed, twisting the hand in his hair. He stayed on his feet, gaze locked with hers, for a heartbeat too long and Joseph was almost convinced she was going to twist his cock as well, but at the last, most insolent, moment Remy sank gracefully to his knees. The movement forced Rogue to let go of him in at least one critical location. She kept the hold on his hair. Shaking her head and pursing her lips, she stepped up to him, then past him, turning him around by that hold. Joseph watched, eyes wide, as she positioned Remy in front of him. His cock jerked in anticipation.

Rogue leaned over and stage-whispered in Remy’s ear.

“Be good. An’ don’t make me take it out on Joe instead of you,” she said, her voice filled with throaty promise. Remy darted her a surprised look which quickly turned to reluctant admiration.

“Don’t channel Raven too long, chère,” he said softly, a wry grin twisting his beautiful mouth. “I don’t want your maman involved in our games.”

“Who said this was from Momma, swamp rat?” she said, releasing his hair to step back and lean against the bathroom doorjamb. Well positioned to watch. Remy’s eyes flared briefly, then he shook his head, and looked up at Joseph. Who swallowed hard, and tried once again not to look as needy as he felt. Waiting patiently. Wanting. He almost jumped when he felt Remy’s hands on his thighs, smoothing over him soothingly.

“Easy dere, Joe,” he purred. “Da Empress wants a show, y’ gotta relax, chèr.”

“Yes, yes, Remy,” Joseph gulped, trying to still the fine tremors that had suddenly seized him. Remy’s hands were like magic, soothing, calming him. He took a deep breath or two, and that seemed to help. At least until Remy’s hand closed around his aching cock.

“Hell!” he gritted out, slamming his eyes closed and his head back against the wall again. He felt a puff of air pass over the damp head of his cock as Remy chuckled throatily. The other man adjusted his grip, one hand encircling him, the other moving over to stroke the tender flesh where thigh met groin. He moaned in response.

“Look at me, Joe,” Remy said, his voice still that low, heated purr. Drawn like a puppet, Joseph tilted his head down again, feeling his long hair fall slowly forward, drifting like silk around them both. He could hear little panting whimpers coming from beside them. Rogue. She was watching them, directing them. As much a participant in this little drama as if she had her hands on him as well. It was okay to crave this then, he thought abstractly. Her approval somehow made it okay to want that lovely mouth on him so badly it made him ache. Only then did he slowly open his eyes. Burning red-on-black met his gray gaze like a slap, and he gasped, lips parting.

Satisfaction and sensual anticipation gleamed in those ruby depths. He swallowed hard, nearly overwhelmed by the scene. Remy knelt before him, resplendent in his lean perfection. Thick auburn hair falling away from his face as he tilted his head slightly to look up at him. A dark smile curved his perfect mouth. A mouth that was just inches away from his throbbing, leaking cock. Remy’s tanned hand stood out vividly against his own paler skin. The contrast stark, exhilarating.

“Watch, Joe,” Remy breathed as he let his eyes close, his lips part. Joseph couldn’t do anything but watch, entranced, as his own cock disappeared into that beautiful mouth. He was afraid the sharp whimper of need that echoed through the room had come from him, but then he no longer cared. Remy’s mouth closed around him completely, warm and damp and firm, and he cried out, hips pulsing forward involuntarily. Remy moved his hands to the points of Joseph’s hips, pressing him back against the wall again with casual strength. It wasn’t like when Rogue had done this – Remy’s mouth was bigger, could take him deeper with ease. And promptly did so. He shuddered at the sensation, hands clenching into fists at his sides. Remy paused a moment before a clever tongue swirled around the head, making him groan again. Ecstasy. Then the Cajun settled into a smooth rhythm, sliding his mouth with easy skill over him, drawing out strangled cries of pleasure with every move he made.

“Oh mah gawd,” Rogue said, the sound little more than a sharp sob of lust and need. “Remy, that’s. . . Remy, oh, gawd! Joe!”

Then she was kneeling beside him too, one hand clutching his leg, the other tangling into the hair on Remy’s bobbing head. She was panting, her mouth open, her lips wet where her tongue traced over it repeatedly, eyes hooded by lowered lids. She watched Remy from close up, her breasts heaving as she took short, panting breaths. Joseph watched her as well, feeling the exquisite wonder that was Gambit’s mouth, absorbing the lovely sight of Rogue running her hands over Remy, down his back, along his arm as the thief took him, pleasured him at her direction. Her hand was open flat, spread wide as if she had to take in every sensation, every texture through damp flesh, as if she had to be part of it.

Remy made a purring sound of contentment deep in his throat, the vibration making Joseph shout out, tipped over that final edge and he felt his climax approach in a sudden rush. He pushed urgently forward, freezing in place as he began to shudder. Gambit pulled away at the last instant, his hand moving swiftly to encircle the pulsing cock, the other catching Rogue’s face and drawing her forward to kiss her. Her lips parted under his just as Joseph came, the white cream spurting over both of their faces as Joseph stared down in stunned amazement, watching his own juices cover them both even as Remy devoured Rogue’s mouth. He shouted out again, helpless, meaningless words of desire and satisfaction. Not even fully aware that he was speaking German.

Pulled forward by the force of his release, Joseph leaned over them, butt braced against the wall, his hands heavy one on each of their shoulders, panting hard, mind whirling. Watching them still from slitted eyes as Remy drew slowly back from a stunned, wide-eyed Rogue. Then, very deliberately, the Cajun began to lick Joseph’s come from her face, his gaze hooded as his agile tongue traced the curves of her face seeking every last drop. Apparently heedless of the pale fluid slowly running down his own face, dripping cool on them all.

Joseph groaned again, feeling an aftershock sieze him. Remy was a shockingly erotic sight, his elegant features marked with the evidence of Joseph’s pleasure. The sight mesmerized him, inflamed him and he found himself down on his knees beside them, pushing Remy back flat onto the carpet and leaning over to eagerly lick his own come off the other man’s face in broad, urgent strokes. Not even really tasting the bitter fluid, but concentrating on the salty-rich flavor of Remy’s skin beneath, the heat and smooth strength of him. Hearing the other man’s impatient hiss, his moan of pleasure. Wanting to absorb him, to bring him into himself somehow. Remy laughed, dark and low, then caught Joseph by the hair and pushed his face down, toward his lap where his erection stood, hard and fierce.

“Oh, gawd, yes,” Rogue hissed, her hands scrabbling to lift long white hair out of the way so that she could see. “Do it, Joe.”

Not needing her urging, Joseph took that hardness into his mouth. Not surprised by the intense flavor that was so distinctly Remy - wanting only to take it deep and gagging at first, then learning the trick. To relax the throat, the mouth, to accept the throbbing hardness, and to finally take it all in and earn that deep resounding groan from the man beneath him as he licked and sucked eagerly, if without great skill. Then to feel the pulse of release begin, to his inexplicable disappointment. Yet enthralled with the arch of the elegant body below, the quick upward thrusts of the slender hips, driving that cock deeper into his throat, his mouth. And the sudden gush. Then to taste the salty-sweet fluid, so different from his own, and to swallow it all down without a second thought amid the oddly muffled moans of the man beneath him. Lifting his head to find Rogue with her mouth covering Remy’s and swallowing down his cries. Remy had wrapped his arms tightly around her shoulders, keeping her close as he shuddered with release.

Joseph leaned against his hip, bracing himself on one arm as he panted hard, wiping his hand across his swollen lips as he stared at them. Remy’s hands entwined in Rogue’s hair as he shivered with aftershocks beneath her. Mouths fused, seeking. Sweat gleaming on both of them. Then Rogue finally broke free, to pull up and stare tenderly down into Remy’s eyes. He blinked glassily up at first her, then over at Joseph. Obviously satisfied, yet strangely dazed.

Rogue and Joseph traded brief self-satisfied glances. It was rare that they so overwhelmed Remy that his natural ease failed him. He saw their looks and his lips curved in a rueful smile.

“Which one of you is going t’ carry me to da bed?” Remy said, voice rippling with contented laughter.

“Oh, Joe is,” Rogue said airily, stroking Remy’s hair with a faintly proprietary smile on her face as she glanced at Joseph. Who smiled wickedly in response, lifting a brow as he glanced over at the straight chair where he had been tied earlier. Remy’s eyes gleamed with amused challenge, daring him to try it. It might be worth the struggle, Joseph thought, if he wasn’t already so pleasantly sated, so ready to just curl up with the two of them and sleep. A look mirrored in both green and red-on-black eyes.

But there were definite advantages to being a mutant. With his powers, he lifted the three of them off the floor, easily and smoothly transferring them to the bed without anyone having to shift position at all. Remy sighed with pleasure as they both settled down beside him, their hands tangling together over him. Joseph staring sleepily across Remy’s lean chest into Rogue’s sparkling eyes.

“Well, Ah’ve only got one thing ta say, sugah,” Rogue said, running her finger down Joseph’s lips with tender care, her own quirking in a slow, sated smile. “Wow.”

“Wow, indeed,” Joseph answered, as he closed his eyes and slid into contented sleep secure in both his lovers’ arms.

- - fin - -