Shatter a Diamond Knife

This story requires a bit of explanation.

I had a dream one night where Berg Katse had a wife. Well, I thought, what if...? And so "Shatter a Diamond Knife" was born, an alternate universe to my usual take on the Gatch universe. Lissandra Moranis has the same powers as Alatan Katse, having the same biology, but she is not the same person; Jennifer Moranis is not supposed to be the same person as Jennifer Kelly, Alatan's natural mother. Other characters, such as Andre Sordonne and Selina Marriochio, do indeed exist in the Shatter universe, but Alatan doesn't.

Naturally Galactors do not get to have warm fuzzy relationships. I wrote this story long before I saw any of the assorted Katse/Joe and Katse/best friend and Katse having pals in Galactor stories that others have written-- in fact, the bulk of what's written here dates back to 1993, when I didn't even really know what the Internet was and I was the only person I knew who cared if Berg Katse had a wife or not. But my vision on the subject hasn't changed. I believe relationships within Galactor tend to be damn near completely dysfunctional. Thus, this isn't a warm and fuzzy romance story, although it is a love story, in a weird and twisted way. Let's just say that Jennifer and Berg deserve each other. :-)

The story's not finished, but I am working on it as of August 1998, my first new Gatch work in months (and first new that doesn't also have Magneto in it in years.) So watch this space!

If a link isn't a hyperlink and you can't click on it, it means that chapter isn't up yet.

Chapter 1: Jennifer

Jennifer with your orange hair
Jennifer with your green eyes
Jennifer with your dress of deepest purple
Jennifer, where are you tonight?
--Eurythmics, Jennifer

Chapter 2: Memory Prime

He was no more than a baby then
Well he seemed brokenhearted
Something within him
But the moment
That I first laid
Eyes on him, all alone
On the edge of
--Stevie Nicks, Edge of Seventeen

Chapter 3: Lissandra

Get out and get what you can
While your daddy's at home sleeping
No time to understand
'Cause he lost what he thought he was keeping
--Jethro Tull, Sweet Dream

Chapter 4: Haywire

I could be contented
I don't need to suffer
You're beautiful
And good to talk to
You make an impression
To take my attention
But when you touch my skin
I smell disaster
--Eurythmics, The Walk

Chapter 5: Hostage to Fortune

Oh father I have sinned...
But you can't hurt me now
I got away from you
I never thought I would...
--Madonna, Oh Father

Chapter 6: Sympathy for the Devil

Look my eyes are just holograms
Look your love has torn red from my hands
From my hands
You know you'll never be
More than twist in my sobriety
--Tanita Tikaram, Twist in My Sobriety

Chapter 7: Pity the Child

Pity the child with no such weapons
No defense, no escape from the ties that bind
Always a step behind...
Pity the child but not forever
Not if he stays that way
He can get all he's ever wanted
If he's prepared to pay...
--Chess: The American, Pity the Child

Chapter 8: Katse

But I don't care if you don't
And I don't feel if you don't
And I don't want it if you don't
And I won't say it if you won't say it's love
--The Cure, Let's Go To Bed