Gatchaman: The Audiovisual Generation

Yeah, yeah, I promised I wouldn't have any graphics. So I'm putting the graphics and sounds off in their own little corner. In fact, because I'm still working the bugs out of sound, these are zipped anyway.

The Katsemaniacs' Graphics Section

I don't know how to do thumbnails. Help meee..

Katse in a loose shirt and nothing else: I don't go in for nudes, they embarrass me. So this isn't a nude, but I think it's quite sexy. Vaunda Perry drew this for me, so you will find this picture nowhere else (unless someone else refs it, in which case please give Vaunda credit.)

Fully painted poster from Fantastic TV Collection #3. Unfortunately I couldn't fix the blurring between the two pages (originally this was a 2-page spread) without destroying my book.

Katse in mask: Rather nice headshot with pretty shading. From Fantastic TV Collection #3.

Onna taicho pic: From Fantastic TV Collection #3. Comes from ep. #102, I think.

Another onna taicho pic: Also from Fantastic TV Collection #3. Definitely from ep. #102.

Onna taicho viewed through rain. Also from Fantastic TV Collection #3 and ep. 102.


These are zipped. Through the kind auspices of Lori McDonald, I've had most of these converted so that they are no longer lots of little pieces, but can be listened to straight through. RealAudio versions are upcoming.

All songs written and recorded by Alara Rogers. No cats were murdered during these compositions.

Lyrics to the songs are on my Songs Page .

White-Winged Angel (Ken's Song)

Breakdown (Joe's Song)

Playing With Fire (Jun's Song)

Child of Yin and Yang (Katse's Song)

The Journey (Gel Sadra's Song)

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