Alexander Benjamin Carpe

Well, I always thought it was silly of people to put up pages dedicated to their kids, but since so many people want pics of the New Baby, I decided to do it. I may later put up ones for Eric and Sarah as well, but Tom lost a lot of their baby pics in the chaos after the separation, and we don't have so many new ones. We do have a camera again, though, so we very well might.


Professional photo: This is the one they took at the hospital and then sold me copies of. The web site disables the ability to copy, but I am a much cleverer mommy than they think. And I know how to hit alt-print screen. :-)

Alex and me in hospital: Unlike most of the pictures of me and Alex, I don't completely suck here. Of course I do have outrageously bloated arms and a huge nose, but then, I was in the hospital for three weeks for a reason.

Alex and me in hospital 2: He was pretty sleepy, so none of these hospital pics have him being active, but you can see his hair at least. Which, oddly, looks darker in the pictures than it is.

Baby makes three: Tom, me, and Alex. (Technically baby makes 5, but the kidlets were in New York at this point.)

Alex, Tom and me 2

Evil daddy: With the glowy eyes, Tom really does look like a supervillain here. :-)

Alex and Tom 2: This is a much more normal looking dad and son picture.

Baby in a tree: When we first walked in the door we had nowhere to put the baby; we hadn't had time to assemble the Pack n' Play yet. So we set him down in the cat tree for a few minutes while Tom, Emiko and I put the Pack n' Play together (my job largely involved consultation at that point; I wasn't in much shape for building things.) Obviously, not a place I'd want to set him down on a regular basis, but I think the picture is absolutely adorable. :-)

One Month:

Alex and Eric: Eric was 7 and 10 months here; Alex almost 1 month.

Alex and Sarah: Same time. Sarah is 6 1/2 here.

Two Months:

Alex in the big carseat: This carseat turns out to be not very good at being a rear-facing infant carrier, so we use it as a baby seat. 

Tummy time: Alex climbing on the Boppy (the big blue semi-circle pillow)

Alex and Sarah on the floor: Wish I knew how to get redeye out of pictures.

 Let sleeping babies (and daddies) lie: Taken at my parents' on their sofabed. I thought this was incredibly adorable.

Little smile: One of Alex's earliest smiles here.

Alex in the Pack n' Play: Part of the big 2 month photo shoot I did when I realized he was growing out of all his newborn clothes. :-)

Sarah and Alex 2

Evil Baby: Glowy red eyes on Alex in the bassinette. :-)

Eric and Alex 2: Alex with pacifier next to Eric.

Sarah and Alex biting: Sarah bites her lip and Alex bites his shirt. :-)

Smiling: Sarah and Alex smile at each other. I figured out how to get rid of the redeye, though the picture was kinda nifty with it. Same pose as "Alex and Sarah on the floor" but no redeye and Alex is smiling.

 Four Months:

Alex is bored: But he's cute anyway.

Alex's epic battle with the stuffed elephant: As photographed rather blurrily by his older sister.

More Sarah and Alex

On the changing table: Experiments in redeye removal and the surgical removal of a tube of Desitin.